Losing yourself


Do you all have those moments where you forget everything for just a second and just are? I used to have that a lot but now that I’m schizo there is so much more leaving me locked in. Oh well it still happens though. I’m at a show and it just happened. It’s like numb bliss.


I get that sometimes. It’s like you just lose yourself for a while, everything just washes over you without being processed, and you just stare blankly, unconcerned, at ease, just… gone, for that short time. I like those moments.


I loose myself until I have to do something. Then I think about everythought and feeling and voice I have every second it takes me to do it.




I can lose myself at the computer so that a half an hour has passed and I haven’t realized it. Can’t do that with anything else.


i like those times, it is like a dream state…
take care


Do you mean like zoning out?


There have been a few total memory wipes. Everything is foreign… When it happens, it takes a bit to come back. I don’t really like the feeling.


weed does that for me…


The older I get, the more frequent those kind
of moments get.
I call it being content with everything…


It has been a while, but certain music can do that to me. It is like being universally free of everything for just a moment. I like those moments.