Losing weight with diet pills while on Antipsychotic Meds

Is it safe is what I want to know my doctor said Alli was safe and effective for Losing weight while on antipsychotic meds but today I went out and bought a different diet pill called Lipozene just wondering before I take it if its safe and effective to take and wont cause severe side effects or interfere with my antipsychotic med Latuda40mg what does everyone think I should do.Latuda40mg and Lexapro20mg is what I take in the evening.I want to start taking Lipozene but wont until I know it will be safe.

Sounds like something you want to avoid:

Bold claims for Lipozene, but not much evidence

Incidentally, Lipozene’s parent company – which goes by the lofty name the Obesity Research Institute – has gone down the glucomannan road before. The fiber was the active ingredient in two now-defunct products, Propolene and FiberThin.

Ads for Lipozene encourage viewers to order the product over the phone or online, but it’s also available at drugstores. Either way, expect to pay about $30 for 60 capsules that each contain 750 milligrams of glucomannan. Users are instructed to take up to two capsules before a meal three times a day. At that rate, a one-month supply would cost about $90. Other companies – including Nature’s Way – sell similar glucomannan supplements for about one-third the price.

The claims: According to the television ad, Lipozene is a “weight-loss breakthrough” that will help users shed pounds even if they don’t exercise or change their diet. In the words of the pitchwoman, “It’s so easy. Just take Lipozene. That’s it.” The ad claims that Lipozene’s fat-reducing power was “clinically proven” in a “recent major university double-blind study.” Fine print at the bottom of the screen says that subjects lost an average of 3.86 pounds over eight weeks. Viewers aren’t told the name of the university, but they are assured that “78% of each pound lost was pure body fat.”

The bottom line: There’s simply no good evidence that the small doses of glucomannan offered by Lipozene could lead to significant weight loss, says Vladimir Vuksan, a professor of nutritional sciences at the University of Toronto.

Vuksan, who has been studying glucomannan and other nutritional fibers for the last two decades, says the active ingredient in Lipozene really can curb appetite – at least a little. More so than other fibers, glucomannan forms an especially thick, viscous paste in the digestive system. Considered safe in small amounts, it’s Food and Drug Administration-approved as a commercial thickening agent but not as a weight-loss supplement.

Vuksan estimates that it would take 20 to 30 grams of glucomannan each day to achieve substantial weight loss, enough to cause severe diarrhea and other gastrointestinal distress. Or, as Vuksan puts it, "your gut would explode."

A search of a medical database found no studies of Lipozene. There were also no glucomannan studies that matched the findings touted in the Lipozene television ad. The Obesity Research Institute did not return repeated calls seeking a clarification.

Roger Clemens, an adjunct professor of pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences at USC. “Glucomannan is generally passe in the medical and scientific communities.”

Clemens says no single fiber can dramatically reduce weight, but he encourages dieters and everyone else to aim for 20 to 35 grams of fiber each day from a variety of sources.

The legal history of Lipozene’s parent company doesn’t inspire confidence. In 2005, the Obesity Research Institute agreed in a settlement to refund $1.5 million to customers after the Federal Trade Commission charged that ads for its glucomannan supplements Propolene and FiberThin were false and misleading. Among other things, ads for these products promised dramatic weight loss – more than 2 pounds a week – without diet or exercise.


I would stick to your docs recommendation and try Alli. Diet pills can interfere with the absorption and metabolism of medications. So you might receive too little or too much of your meds in your bloodstream, which could trigger symptoms or exaserbate side effects.

Always play it safe when combining OTC meds with prescription meds.



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I was hoping for a different answer I may still check with my Psychiatrist to see if Lipozene would be safe to take Alli is so why wouldn’t Lipozene maybe I should of read about Lipozene before buying it I am hoping I wont have to take it back but it sounds like I may have to and Just stick with Alli I will ask around my Doctor should know whether its safe or a no go.Thanks you guys for your Input and advice @radmedtech and @SzAdmin

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I hope you find something safe and effective. I’m also trying to lose about 20 lbs, so I know how frustrating it can be.

Best of luck on your weight loss!



I recommend you talk to your doctor about Metformin. Much cheaper (a few dollars a month), well proven to be effective, and few side effects. Print out this study and share it with your doctor:

Metformin you mean the drug used for diabetes never heard that it could be used for weight loss interesting. My Mom takes it for diabetes plus others. My Latuda doesn’t cause any side effects at all I have been on it a month but my Psychiatrist told me that side effects would of shown up by now if I were going to have any they would show up in the beginning of being on Latuda40mg.So I am glad about that and also I take Lexapro a antidepressant medicine which I also have no side effects been on it 11 years. So now I am trying my best to lose the weight I have put on by Taking Abilify5mg which I was on before changing to Latuda40mg.I will ask my doctor about Metformin before I try it for weight loss and of course of it safety and efficiency But First I asked my Doctor or emailed Tcn Behavioral Health in Xenia Ohio about taking Lipozene whether I should try it or not or staya way from it they haven’t emailed me back yet so I Am hoping they say its safe to take before taking my Latuda40mg which I already taken today because I don’t plan on eating anything else today an dif I do I will probably drink a slim fast shake or something to curb my cravings ,I don’t have as big of an appetite now that I am on Latuda with Abilify I wanted to eat everything I could get my hands on.thank you @SzAdmin and also thanks you too @radmedtech for your helpful information and advice I will take Lipozene only if my doctor says its safe and doesn’t harm me or cause unwanted side effects since I have none right now I think would be ok to take I just don’t know for sure I wont open the bottle until I am sure 100 percent its safe if not I will gladly return it to the store and get my money back and just stick with alli its so expensive though I was hoping for a cheaper alternative that’s why I bought Lipozene in the first place because of its cheap price alli on the other hand worked when I used it in my past but its so expensive 65 dollars a bottle at some stores and 55 at walmart or something like that While Lipozene was under 20 well a little over because of tax.

I asked my therapist (she knows a lot about meds) about taking diet pills, she said they interfere with my medications. I do take metformin, and lost a significant amount of weight when I first started with it, but not so much now. It does help with weight control for many people - I might be heavier if I was not taking it. I am kind of curious about Alli -going to research it more -thanks @Melina

from what I know, diet pills are almost always amphetamines. That is the worst â– â– â– â–  you can ingest other than LSD or PCP while diagnosed with schizophrenia. DO NOT TAKE DIET PILLS.

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They are not always. Alli is a inhibitor of a fat digesting enzyme in the intestine. It just reduces the absorption of fat in the intestine. Less fat in to the body as a result - but it dosnt stop the process. Just slows it down so assists with weight loss.

As far as I remember its not even absorbed into the body. Its stays withiin the GI tract.

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you are right Martin it reduces the amount of fat absorbed and my Doctor suggested Alli awhile back to take to lose weight and its safe and effective I lost 30 pounds on it in the past. So I may go with my gut and stick with Alli once more and it doesn’t interfere with my meds Latuda40mg and Lexapro20mg I haven’t had it too and I have had no side effects with Latuda or Lexapro so I am glad about that now what to do about my weight and losing weight is the next challenge for me but I am determined to succeed and not giving up. So I am looking forward to a thinner more healthier me.I had written Tcn Behavioral Health In Xenia Ohio twice don’t they ever check their mail I haven’t heard anything back from them about whether or not to take Lipozene or not or do I have to return it to the store I wont return it unless they say its unsafe to take with my current Meds.Any Psychiatrists on her that can answer my questions on whether Lipozene is safe or I need to take it back and get my money back I haven’t started yet but am going to if I find out its ok to take I don’t want any side effects from it or it to interfere with my meds I need someone who knows something on this subject to get back with me before I decide what to do. thank you all for your Advice.

Dr Oz recommends CLA for getting rid of belly fat.

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Just in general diet pills are not effective for lasting permanent weight loss. Mortimer mentions they are amphetamines. My understanding is that most of them have caffeine in them. A diet is a lifelong thing. Even if pills work, the majority of people gain back the weight they lost on them AND MORE. I’m pretty sure that there is no diet pill that keeps the weight off. A sad statistic is that on ANY diet, NINETY Percent of people who go on a diet and lose weight, gain the weight back in 5 years. I’ve read this in several different places. Pills do not work. Look at this way. If there was a diet pill that could take weight of and keep it off, then EVERY overweight person in the world would be taking it. OBESITY is a huge problem in the U.S.,if pills worked,then it would be in the news. It would be a huge news story that would solve our biggest health problem in the U.S. But what you hear in the news about the major pills that supposedly work is that they are popular for a few months and then they are out of the news because they ALL get proven not to help with permanent weight loss.The diet pill is the Holy Grail of weight loss. They don’t work and can even be dangerous.

I stopped taking diet pills pills I am sick of pills most of the time Diet pills have weird side effects and make me sick I found that out with Lipozene I took twice and threw up both times so I will throw them away no more diet pills for me unless its Alli they are well tolerated by me and I don’t have any jittery side effects or vomiting with them.I have to do something to lose weight but diet pills is out unless its Alli along with Slim fast or weight watchers meals I lost 30 pounds at one time which I still cant believe so it is possible to lose weight while on antipsychotic meds and antidepressants.But the only thing is you usually gain all the weight back and more when you stop dieting that’s bad about all Diets soon as you stop you gain the weight back the only way for permanent weight loss is to do it the hard way eating right eating smaller portions and exercising that’s if I can get my big fat butt to do any exercise plus I give up easy if I don’t see results right away and I know I wont see results right away but still I want to weigh in everyday just to se if I have lost any so far I haven’t lost any weight and if I do it comes back the next day or the same day. why is that must be my metabolism and the way my body type is is why I cant lose any weight at all I should be able to I used to be able to no problem why cant I lose now? Can anyone answer why? I always thought I was cursed or something keeping me heavy I don’t know silly I know but I still feel that way at times. And the Question I have if I am Cursed why am I cursed to not be able to lose weight why would someone put such effort and thought into whether I lose weight or not? Doesn’t that require a lot of energy spent on my behalf and waste of time? I used to be model thin and extremely attractive in my past and I think Jealousy played a part in me being overweight someone didn’t like me so they put a hex or curse on me only a theory so don’t jump down my throat if I am wrong but what if I am not wrong about this matter of weight
gain and no loss?

So is it ok to take lipozene with Wellbutrin, bus par, lameitcal and tenex

I would not recommend anyone to take Lipozene.


I tried a fat burner when I was bodybuilding when I was 21 , made me manic whenever I took it just waaaay too many stimulants.

We all want a magic diet pill, but there’s nothing safe and effective on the market at this time. Your current choices are bogus fibre products that don’t work or amphetamine based metabolic boosters that will wind your symptoms up. Your best course of action is reduced calorie intake and increased calorie expenditure (exercise). That’s the safest and most effective way to control weight.

ANY diet product you use needs to be run past your doctor, period. You need to know how they will affect your symptoms and interact with your meds.


it sucks having a mental illness and also sucks that some of the meds you take to help with the symptoms of Bipolar and Schizophrenia in my case have caused weight gain. Not much though maybe 5 to 10 pounds of it is my meds I haven’t gained anymore I am still fat though and haven’t been doing much about it until just recently I have rode the bike a few days this week in our basement 5 minutes to start with then work my way up after a few weeks or whenever I am comfortable to move up to 10 minutes.

Its hard to keep motivated when the number on the scale hasn’t changed in over 12 years. Its that much harder when you are on meds that once have caused weight gain in the beginning now I am starting to think its not so much my meds anymore its me and how much I eat and snack I know this yet have done nothing until now to stop eating too much and eating to much of the wrong foods from this day on things will change for the better no more fried foods no more chips or ice cream or if I do eat that it will be very little in moderation.
I need to quit using my meds as an excuse for being fat in the first place and it didn’t take me overnight to get this way so it will take time to lose I also am tempted to try diet pills but I wont if it will cause more harm than good I have been reading where diet pills are a no go for people who have schizophrenia and take meds for it cause it could be dangerous and cause mania and heart problems once it interacts with certain meds it can I know this why because I done this and it caused me extreme chest pains.

Yea,that would be great