Losing weight take... Who knows how many

So I am once again trying to lose weight… My mom is ALWAYS yelling at me that I need to lose weight yet will buy me food that I shouldn’t have and she knows it’s bad for me and I feel bad if I don’t eat it. I have finally decided to try again to lose weight… I’m gonna try saying no to food more and my mom… Some times I feel she wants me to fail because she is too… She says she’s trying to lose weight… While she’s eating a cinnamon roll COVERED in icing… I feel so awful about all of it and I’m trying to ignore her it’s hard though

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Maybe if you could get her to sign up in a wellness regimen with you? So you’re both on similar diets? Or arrange for treats just on a “cheat day”?? One day a week?


@velociraptor I’ve tried getting her to diet with me and she says she will then just doesn’t I’ve even been like you shouldn’t eat that and she’ll just tell me that I’m not buying it so I have no right to tell her what to and not to eat or when and where to workout

I’m trying a slightly strict diet and am hopeful it’ll work and I can do it

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