Losing hope about getting a Job

I’ve been doing a little cleaning job 4hrs a week, its not much looking at it but i hate it and i asked if i could stop it, cleaning is an important job but it doesnt do anything for me,

so i asked the staff bc its arranged by my clubhouse and they said that i’m still attending and participating in the work ordered day and i dont have a desperate need for the money so not to worry about it.

I’m losing hope now, i dont think i can do what i want to do, i had a look online but i feel like giving up looking for a job now for good, :frowning: i had hopes and dreams to make money and things but its too big a hill to climb.

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You gave up on working pretty easily.

You should try to find another trade more suited to what you like and give it another go.

You’re claiming defeat way too early.

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its been about 8 yrs

8 years of really trying?

What kind of work have you done?

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college, volunteering, carer, its hard, its too hard, i give up

Of course you do.

I feel like you just don’t want to work.

not any more 15

i feel worthless without a job, like a useless nobody

If you think you hate cleaning, try working in the insurance industry. All the people I serve hate what I do and think I’m trying to rip them off. My average day is soul-crushing.

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i really admire people in our position who find it hard and still manage to hold down a proper job, even having kids and all that is something i dream about :frowning: something i probably will never have

If you have a driving license apply at Dominos. They are always hiring drivers.

Don’t give up. Just keep looking. I switched through a lot of ■■■■ jobs when I was younger. Push yourself to keep trying.

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its too hard, some people just cant work. i think i’m like that

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Well dont work then.

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i’m not lazy or anything

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I never said you were, if you think your not cut out for work dont work.

This is the last place people will judge you for not working. If you feel you can’t then don’t. Look at me. I can work but I’m afraid too so I just ■■■■■■■ stay in school. If push comes to shove I’m not sure I can handle work. Only time will tell. Take some time to build your self esteem on what you can do, not what you can’t.


i feel like a failure

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sz can affect motivation, you need to push yourself when you can.

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Everyone feels like a failure sometimes. I feel like a failure today because I’m hanging out with my crush and I can’t bring myself to talk like a ■■■■■■■ person. Life is hard. Take some time to do what you enjoy. Watch a movie or visit a friend. Self care is supremely important when you feel like this.


I feel the same way you do. I have just given up on working. I get bullied on the job. I am slow due to my meds. Just the thought of working really stresses me out. I am socially awkward and just don’t want to be around people. Don’t stress too much about working. If you have an income just take it easy and do what you love.