Do you work?

Hey guys , as above,thoughts, I myself lost my job in a bookshop a few months ago, i had worked there for over 20 years and i loved it, i cant seem to find another job!


Sorry you lost your job
I’m not working right now but I have hope that I will be soon

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Ah thanks flyingpancakes. the bookshop were i worked closed down!

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I had to quit my old job in 2020 as a data analyst as the stress was too much

Went on benefits for a while, and then started my landscaping business

Things are going well, but I need to sort my act out a bit to win more work, otherwise I will run out by September

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Will you be able to get benefits?

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Yes star84. i am on disability!

I do not currently work

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I’m doing a job induction next Friday Saturday and Sunday!

I want this job!

It’s a cleaner role, @77nick77 :slight_smile:


Well, good luck, I hope you do well. Cleaning jobs are good gigs.

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Yea I know right that’s what I’m thinking…, about them being good jobs,

And cheers

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I just hope the toilets won’t be too problematic :confused:

Take care

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Cleaning toilets is only a small part of the janitor jobs I’ve had. At my current job we have a toilet brush with a 1 1/2 foot handle on it so we can just stand and scrub. Most people have good habits but sometimes there’s slobs who don’t have good habits. Can you say your job title or what you’ll be doing?


I’ve been off work for 8 years but I’ve been stable now for almost 2 years and feel it’s time to get back to working. I’ve reapplied at both of my last 2 jobs. 2 of the biggest employers here in this small town that I live in. I don’t know what chance I have since I left both jobs to go out on disability but at least I’m trying.

I haven’t worked in 20 years. I have tried to go back to work, but the insurance laws are written so f***** up you get punished for trying

I’ve never worked and am not really interested in it. I sleep a lot more than other people and I just don’t think its practical for me.

Have you tried looking for work in a library or maybe a museum or art gallery?

That’s great with your job circumstances. Doesn’t sound bad.

Yea I would rather keep it personal. Sorry.

Don’t take this personally at the moment. COVID really messed with economies the world over and some parts of the world are restarting the economies more slowly than others. Just keep plugging away at it.


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sorry to hear you lost that job that you did for so long =(

i don’t work… haven’t been able to anymore since long time… the stress makes me relapse

I work part time

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How many have you applied for?