Lorazepam anyone?

So guys…
I just did a week in hospital getting steroids for my multiple sclerosis and they had me on lorazepam for when I’d have delusions or suicidal behaviour and things of the like. Now I have been sent home with a box of loraz for break through medication for when I’m having my crazies. It makes me feel so much better it stops the delusions in their tracks. However I believe im getting hooked on it…

How do I use this medication properly without it taking over me?

Tia guys <3


Ativan is short lived, about half of Clonazepam.

I take 2 - 3, 0.5mg of Clonazepam a week.

You would be fine if you take a small dosage every other day, but just once per day.

Speak to the doctor that prescribed them sure theres a limit to how many you can take a day

I used to use it for insomnia, and I put a limit on how many I would use in a week. I didn’t like to use them every day, so I wouldn’t use more than 3-4 each week.

If you’re using them for breakthrough symptoms you shouldn’t need them every day. If you do, you need to up your AP, not take extra benzos.


All i can say is only take it when you “feel” you really need it - maybe as a last resort.

I would love some lorazapam PRN , but i only get it in hospital. They simply dont trust Alcoholics like me with benzos. But that stuff is bloody wonderful for my anxiety.

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When I was in the psych ward, everyone loved the little blue pill (Ativan - ‘Lorazepam’) but they didn’t know what it was.

Benzos can make a full blown schizo come out of their room and act normal for a few hours. Its fkd.


We’re currently switching my AP and that’s why I’m needing a break thru. My latuda hasn’t build up in my system enough yet.

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I have had Lorzepam before as PRN and I found it very helpful.

I have diazepam at the moment and take 5mg 3 times a day to help.

You need to follow instructions from the doctor and don’t overdo it otherwise they may not trust you with it.

I was on lorazepam for 4 years. 3 times a day 1 mg. It got to the point I was having withdrawals 2-3 hours after taking it. Lorazepam kicks in fast and wears off fast. I switched to valium because it’s longer lasting. Lorazepam also made me more tired then valium.

You will build a tolerance to these drug and at some point you will experience withdrawals. Withdrawals are sleeplessness cold sweats irritability feeling tense.

Banzo’s addiction is serious stuff. Don’t ever quit cold turkey. Withdraws can cause seizures.

That said it’s doesn’t mean these types of drugs are all bad. They do help with anxiety and schizophrenia. The good out ways the bad for me.They make me fell normal. I’ve had nervous problems my whole life and when I take benzo’s it’s gives me relief from it.