Anyone in UK getting lorazepam (Ativan)

Anyone getting this drug, I’ve had it in the hospital and I think it could really help me out

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It’s in a drug group called benzodiazepines. Or benzos as people on the forum call it for short.

It relaxes you, but you build up a tolerance to it, so it stops working eventually. You can get addicted to it.

So doctors are hesitant to prescribe it, except for emergencies.

L-theanine (there’s a sticky thread about it) is like a natural lorazepam, I’m using it. I’d consider trying that first before going down the benzos route if you can.


I was on Klonopin, one of the benzos. The doctor took me off it. Klonopin wasn’t too hard to come off. The pdoc weaned me off it gradually. I think Klonopin is stronger than Ativan, so Ativan shouldn’t harder to come off. That kind of thing can vary among individuals, though. It is true that you build up a resistance to benzos.

I’ve had it in the Netherlands, as a sleep med. It really did the job. But it’s the same thing here, they only prescribe it for short periods to prevent people from getting addicted.