Are you single, married or divorced?

  • Single
  • Married
  • Divorced

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Why you sure are a curious one…


Need to distract my mind from paranoid thoughts.

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married to my dreams

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Married in May 2008, split in November 2008. Even though it ended badly (and so quickly) I’m not opposed to the idea of getting married again someday. She and I were together a total of three years.

She ended our marriage over the phone, the patient phone in the psych unit I was in. I had gone to the hospital due to strong suicidal ideation (over my sense that I was losing her). She packed up my stuff, put it in the storage locker in the basement of our building, and had the locks on the apartment changed, all before I got discharged. Pretty crappy ending.


I just got married in August! It’s pretty fun, so far.


Apparently, I’m the only divorcee so far in this poll. I would have thought there would be more of us.

Then why give it to us? I don’t like it when others spend more time gleaning answers from us like we are on your upcoming pop quiz.
Why not tell us what your own answers first when you ask the questions, that way you seem more like a participant, instead of a lazy student.

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But harsh ? I feel?

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I’m divorce from marital philosophy…

lol lol just kidding. martial philosophy is the Law

I’m single. I love @far_cry0 we’ll see what happens :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


get in line, Erez

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Meaning you also love him? @sirBoring I gather that he is overweight, to put it diplomatically,…


I could say alcohol and schizophrenia are to blame, but large part of it could be due to my nature. It’s kind of like that old line - “I’d never want to join a club who would have someone like me for a member.” Oh well. There are rewards for being solitary as you age.


more cushion for the ride

Who is going to ride?
I am not going to have sex.

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None. I have been living in cohabitation for 8 years…

what’s cohabitation?

“the state of living together and having a sexual relationship without being married.”

@Lara you are wrong!
I looked up on, no mention of sexual relationship.