How can you be in a new relationship

I have not had any real relationship since my divorce in Georgia in March 2000, somehow I think that I do not know any longer how to be in any new relationship. How do you do it … be in a new relationship?


I find it impossible. Therefore I was and I am still single and virgin too.

One part of me is afraid of starting any new relationships.

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A word better than " afraid " would be " care not to make a life’s big mistake ".

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It’s usually an attraction thing. If I click mentally with a woman (and that is the most important part), I find her attractive, and she finds me attractive; then it just becomes instinctual rather than intellectual.

The intellectualization & scrutiny & “What the ■■■■ was I thinking?”, come later.

I don’t know man, try dating people before trying for a Relationship.

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Last time when I dated was in America over 26 years ago … maybe I am not going to do that dating thing …hey I am 49 years old already … :smile:

I don’t. Mrs. Pixel would KILL me! :scream:


Hey @NiceHat, take a look at your forum guidelines:


Well I was picked out by my girlfriend. She saw me for the first time dancing at a bar and she became attracted to me. My room mate knew her and later introduced us and we’ve been together 3 years this october. We’re going to celebrate our anniversary by taking a small vacation.

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I think that being brave and introducing yourself to people and knowing what you want are two big things.

I think you’ll be able to get that through yourself with no trouble. You just decide and then do. I hope you find someone. I as well am a divorcee and it’s hard to experience such a loss, but sometimes necessary.

I’m also 49 years. I have not been in a relationship since my divorce in 2005. I guess I said to myself “never again!” and that placed a mental block in my mind.

What does this mean ? I can’t fantasize over having a relationship with @mjseu, @velociraptor, or anyone else on the forum ? - lol.

Fantasizing is okay just don’t talk about it.
I fantasize about @Samp and @anon9798425 and how they change their…um…preferences for me.
Typical knight tale just in another way. :smirk:


I don’t know about a new relationship ive been with my partner for almost 9 years. we were friends first then we slept together and admitted our feelings for each other. it took a lot of courage.

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Why do you find it impossible?

I also have difficulties.
I don’t think its impossible.
I have hope.
But not with most men.

Such beautiful people all alone it seems.
Including me.
I don’t have friends either n been bullied as adult also n get set up etc

I’m on a date site.
Don’t think I want stay though.
Woman have pretended be me etc I think n because my energy gets used by others they won’t let me be myself it seems.

Even though they say they single I don’t believe them n think they use my energy in their gf body n are out steal from me.
Money,skin,energy etc

But there’s lots of biggame out there so although they say there single in who they are they may not be.

Also they are out to steal from me n cheat on meat industry.

For example they want my good energy in someone else’s body n person n them in my body cause makes them feel good n they take skin n eons etc
They do this in cattle industry.
Other ways too.

I want a man who wants real me with my own real energy in my own real body.
I want to feel like myself .im in other bodies.n it’s not fair to me.

There’s woman admits my energy n skin etc make her feel good so she takes it n I don’t want feel her…in my body n don’t want her feeling me.

So most want to use me and steal from me.

I have difficulty meeting someone.
There are a lot of people use my eons,rum,skin etc so …
I want be treated well.

They tried aborting me amoung other things and I think most men are jealous of me so they are unable to love the real me.

They in love with my eons but there bodies…while my body doesn’t get feel like itself…n im always exhausted etc

In a way im sorry for them that they don’t feel good enough accept themself or partners as they are but like drug to them seems…

Hope I get use/be my own self on this forum.
Cause it’s everywhere it seems…

Either it could also be a woman in man body or just man hating on me.
They seem hate me n try steal from me n set me up.

Someone serious real me and that compatible.

Friends would be nice too.
But same thing there…in way…

I have hope though.

I have hope for us that we also can have good relationships .

It seems it could be possible and doable to meet someone on this forum.
Some real cuties n gorgeous beings seems could be.
Not impossible.
Although it is not a date site one could make friends and it could lead to chatting n more.

I can’t imagine what a divorce must be like, but I think it’s amazing that you are still standing and going on after it.

In my life I have only romantically loved one person. They ended up playing with me like a toy and then tossed me aside when there was a new shiny toy. The sad thing is I still love them with all my heart and give anything to be with them again.


It’s obvious this thread is all about me and how every woman on this forum wants to lasso me and bring me home to their dungeon!

But I’m taken already!

Dream on, ladies!! :wink:


Patrick, light of my life, fire of my loins.


I like @77nick77 too, and @Patrick, @Wave, and @Sarad, @Minnii, especially since I’ve come out of my closet - lol