Looking to get a new acoustic guitar!

Andrew asked me oh, I don’t know how long ago, and I mentioned a new acoustic. He really wants me to get more focused in the shopping for it and “fall in love” with it. He could be right, but to me, it’s still just a guitar. Really hoping a new instrument will give me the motivation to play more again, that’s all.


Best of luck finding the new axe. It’s all how it feels


Good luck! When you get it, try learning your favorite songs. If they seem too hard, get easy versions and learn those first

When I was trying to learn guitar I used my dads Fender Telecaster for the most part, he also had an acoustic that I played a bit. I was tempted to buy a 12 string acoustic-electric guitar at the music shop because it had a nice sound to it, but ultimately I decided against it. I had learned some chords, rifts and a couple songs but I couldn’t jam and I had to admit I don’t really have any music ability. I eventually gave it up after a year or two.

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It’s great to hear you want to get back into it. I’d strongly suggest that you go to maybe Guitar Center (because they usually have an acoustic room that’s isolated from all the noise), and try a bunch of guitars in your style and price range, and see if any ‘feel’ right or ‘sound’ right, because you probably have a sound in your head of the way you want it to be, and you can’t coerce a ‘wrong’ guitar to do what you want. Obviously you don’t have to actually BUY the guitar there, but once you know the model you can shop around for a good price, if you wish. But bear in mind every guitar even of the same model will be somewhat different, so if you find ‘the one’ and it’s not prohibitive, I’d say go for it.


I’m a guitar enthusiast. I practice most every day for 30 minutes at least. I’m branching out and getting a mandolin. It’ll be here in the mail in just a few days!


I loved my Fender Montara (1993)

Should never have sold it

:man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


Had to look that one up! They have one up on Reverb for a reasonable price

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Hey, you should look for a guitar that’s made from solid wood. Most acoustics you find are made from something called laminate, which is basically just a fancy word for plywood. Solid pieces of wood reverberate sound in a much, much better way and it completely changes the tone and volume of the notes. Im in love with my washburn grand auditorium and ive written more songs on it than any other guitar because i can actually hear the notes in their full clarity. I also thought that i was bored with guitar but that one felt like a completely different instrument.

I paid £100 for mine from a car boot sale.

It was mint condition

Best sounding guitar I have ever owned

Why I sold I don’t know :confused:

It’s shape was perfect for my frame. So comfortable to play!


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