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My partner has recently disclosed to me that his mother has diagnosed Schizophrenia. We have also been discussing starting a family, and I am interested in learning about Shizophrenia in relation to genetics, and how the gene is passed on. I googled these things but I would prefer real world answers :slightly_smiling_face: thanks in advance!

So far we do not know the genetic markers associated with sz. There is maybe something with the c4 signal and that’s about it.

Theres probably a pay wall between you and the info your looking for. They may not know exactly what does what but i would guess they have a pretty good idea…




There’s many genes involved.

It’s been suggested that high dose supplemental choline in pregnancy may help prevent schizophrenia. It’s being tested, it’s a b vitamin found in egg yolks. Google prenatal choline for schizophrenia prevention.

Also avoid infection, stress, drugs not approved for pregnancy, and avoid becoming deficient in anything, but particularly B vitamins (folate, B-12, etc) vitamin D, beta carotene, iodine, iron and DHA.

This is no guarantee, but it won’t hurt.


Oh and after the baby is born, studies indicate there is risk reduction by avoiding vitamin D deficiency (particularly in baby boys) probably in any of the vital nutrients listed above, avoiding early life viral infection such as herpes virus and flu, avoiding head injury, avoiding bullying and child abuse, not being orphaned, having good physical fitness, not doing drugs (particularly weed) not emigrating to a foreign country, and taking fish oil.

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@Daisy6203 I’d like to encourage you to join our forum for Family and Caregivers that can be found at:

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