How diet affects SZ

My adult son has been schzophrenic for years. He refuses to take medication, lives alone, is troubled now with voices again, physical pain, and “people” trying to hurt him. He is a vegan. Are there foods he should avoid, or foods that might help? He cooks all his own food and has completely given up alcohol. He will not see a doctor.

B Vitamins are important for mental health, maybe ask him how he is getting all his B Vitamins and make sure his answer adds up. If not, maybe suggest an awesome B vitamins supplement.

B12 can be very hard for vegans to get, but there are fortified products out there and then also I’ve heard that you can get B12 injections that are good for X years (I have not researched into this myself, but a vegan on another message board was telling us all about it).

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