Looking for an inexpensive automobile

Not having that much luck. I’m pinging people, asking “how does it run?”. They are like “great, all except the transmission.” lol, well you kinda need the transmission dude.


Used car shopping sucks! I bought a lemon once from a sleezy dealership. He paid to fix it though after the oil pan basically dropped off the first day I had it.


I bought my vehicle from my mechanic. He gets lots of older vehicles that people don’t want so he fixes them up and sells them for cheap, about $2000 or so depending on the vehicle.


Lol! “except the transmission”…

The first car I bought as an adult was a 2013 Kia Rio (sedan). It was red! It was super basic. Nothing fancy. Had to manually roll down the windows, literally. Like… not a button, but a cranking handle.

It was good! It was affordable!

Everybody’s budget is different, of course, but I thought the Kia Rio was a good buy, especially since it was my first car that I bought.

My actual first car was a 2005 Nissan Xterra (yellow!!). My dad bought me that car. It was great. But not something I could afford, myself.

Good luck with your car hunting! :relaxed: :red_car:

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Used cars are terribly overpriced right now. For a few reasons. During the shutdown, a lot of cars sat dormant for long periods of time. That caused serious problems for them and a lot had to get junked. Also, a lot of people lost their homes and bought cheap vehicles to livein. This is more of an issue if you’re looking for a van, but it still affects the price and availability of everything. Used vans are now being priced as homes, rather than vehicles.


Used and new car prices are rising fast

During the pandemic computer chips where used in all the laptops and smart devices people bought for working at home, now there is a shortage of computer chips to build new cars. Because there is a shortage of new cars people are looking to buy used cars, that is causing an increase in demand for used cars and prices are way up.


You’re supposed to inspect the car by a garage before buying it.


maybe a used hyundai? idk…


Toyota are the most reliable.

This is fact.

They also have the highest resale value because they are so reliable

Toyota’s are all I will drive


I want a large version of this as my next car:

Very few mechanical issues, great mileage, and they last forever.


Im holding out on getting a car until I absolutely have to. That will probably be within five years or so. When I do buy one it will probably be japanese.

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I’m thinking about going back to work. I’m going to need a car to do that. I’m sort of just in the planning stages. Really just researching actually.

It’s funny on Facebook marketplace there’s a small pickup truck for sale for $1000 and it doesn’t look too bad. But as I was looking at the pictures I noticed my front door in the photographs. So I went outside to look and I’ll be damned if that truck isn’t parked right across the field from me in the neighboring apartment complex. I could literally walk to go see it in two minutes. How funny is that?


Remember that is a starting price, you could probably talk him down a couple hundred dollars.

When I first went to purchase my vehicle they wanted $3800 but I couldn’t afford that, I told them I would be willing to spend $2000. We didn’t make a deal, but then a couple days later he called me back and sold me the vehicle for $2000

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she stated that she was firm and it blue books much higher than $1000 but it does need repairs.

she said it needs a catalytic converter

Fixing that is a few hundred dollars with labor. Use that fact in the negotiation, tell them you’ll meet them half way, knock 200 off the price of the truck and you’ll pay the difference for the repair. Don’t be afraid to walk away if the deal isn’t right, if it is the only offer they get they’ll think about it and probably agree, even if it takes them a few days.

That was my experience anyways, I ended up paying what I wanted, not what they wanted.

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I think $1000 is a fair price for the truck if all that is wrong is a $200 dollar repair. Trouble is, how do I know that’s all that is wrong? She could be lying. She says the car runs but it wants to die when you give it gas. That doesn’t sound like the catalytic converter to me. That sounds like the injectors or something.

You can always hire a mechanic to look it over before you buy it but that costs money too.

My mechanic charges $80.00/ it could cost you a little bit but then you can rest assured the truck is fine.

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I recommend taking it to a mechanic you know and trust, telling them you are thinking about buying the car and want to know in advance what issues it has.