Look at me I'm a fat pig that has nothing better to do but give people problems!

Stupid assholes Never ends.

people with mental illness. Good job buddy let me write a shitty batch code for you. If only I could even translate what I said properly

eats 5 sandwichs

Hey, Ody, long time no see. What’s going on?

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This stupid fatass that lives down the street is twisting everything around and getting everyone to troll me and bot me on all my favorite games because he’s an ignorant ■■■■■■■ that has nothing better to do than to go look for trouble- and then cause trouble.

Like why can’t this stupid idiot just shov it and get a constructive life. And he thinks it’s some sort of sick game. I seriously went to the police station and I was about to notify the athorities of this freakin hooligan but I changed my mind at the last minute and I seriously regret changing my mind.

Suicide and mental illness and schizophrenia which he does not even has is not a joke and it’s not a game to manipulate people into trolling me.

This is exactly what I didn’t want to get involved with in the first place, which is why you call the police.

Sounds like you’re having a tough time. Have you talked to your doctor about the issues you’re facing these days? When is your next pdoc meeting?

Wow. Sending hugs your way. Hope things get better.


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Thank you so much. God it’s freakin aweful. It truely is. (I can’t believe you’re doing this to me- AND YOU KNOW THAT NEVER even happened… So you come on here to screw with me and then you trigger me and then I start yelling like a nutcase and you never should have come here in the first place with your scary photo with the long hair and the black background- like what am I supposed to do man? ------- You wait untill you get clean and sober with a job and a girlfriend you know? and nice friends… THE LAST THING YOU WANT IS THE PAST COMING BACK TO HAUNT YOU! I MEAN PMULL man??? are you serious??? What am I suppoosed to do? Wait until you become successfull and a bunch of deliquents troll you on social media??? What would you do? especailly if you have schizophrenia and psychosis and are on psyche meds with insomnia! Wait until you graduate college and then some guy shows up looking like that! What would you do???)

(And what about the other songs that I played minus the one colt ford song.)



Trust me though-- it’s anyone’s worst nightmare… wait until you graduate college and actually have a life… it’s anyone’s worst nightmare man… no offense pmull… same to you man… wait until you have a life… and a job, or graduate college…

dude it’s ■■■■■■ up man.

Especailly when you have a disability- and are on a support site for disabled people with psychotic problems and troubled emotions. And again that ■■■■ never even happened. -minus the triggering psychosis that happened on here but really man… wait until you have a life and then the past trys to haunt you.

And besides it was obviously designed to trigger me in the first place and then placing blame on me is even more ridiculous.

best wishes. You’ll make it some day and understand. Please don’t be mad at me about it. Like how would any reasonable adult feel?

Once you get clean and sober and start trying to have a life man… It’s the biggest nightmare in the world.

I seriously think the whole reddit community is targeting me now over this ■■■■. Mind you that never even happened. So I hope everyone stops… but yeah right right? Becuase it’s the most annoying thing in the world. I never though I would be judged because of some stuff I wrote on a support site for mentally ill people like myself that actually have a diagnosis and are supposed to feel safe here.

Which was originally black before you changed it… COMON MAN! What if it was the other way around!

Social media is not a freakin game! This can actually scare people! You suck. Good bye. Never actually even happened man. Pls tell your programmer friend to stop botting me- it’s the most annoying thing in the world. I still have schizophrenia.

and after reflection… notmoses is definatly a troll… The PRAYER BEADS are supposed to mean I WAS PRAYING FOR YOU- Not that i’m Moses!!! And I Christened/baptized you in the crick/creek which means the troll should have named himself “Not Jesus” or “Not John”. In case anyone is judging me or something. And that’s the Rosery that I used when I was comming off of cigarettes and xanax and addiction- I just sit in the bathtub and prayed the rosery all day for like a month… If you still have it you can check it and see that it is worn and kinda dirty… because it was mine and I used it.

Whatever man!!!

Don’t be mad at me… just think what if you had a life and ■■■■ and then someone just shows up with the black background on the photo What would you do especially if you had psychosis/delusions/schizophrenia.


And you have my flintlock toy pistol (cap gun) in your basement that bojangles broke. Dick!

Yeah I know you’re an ■■■■■■■. Like I said. Good job. Yeah congrats not everyone believes that- Thats what makes you an ■■■■■■■. If you want to just be a legalist ■■■■■■■ good job. “Oh yeah, I’m allowed to be here. Well duh, but that’s what makes you an ■■■■■■■.”

I seriously thought his mom was on here… Which made a suicidal person feel guilty about certain things and I almost killed myself… good job legalist ■■■■■■■. Thank god it was just ■■■■■■■■.[quote=“ScarfaceCapone, post:13, topic:44240”]
or is this Kathy lmao

It’s so funny isn’t it!!! Jesus!!! Title says it all then… Freakin legalist assholes and trolls. “Oh I’m not doing anything wrong! I’m just using this website! Who cares about anyone else! I’m just here cruising away minding my own business! Oh look he had an accident! Isn’t that cute? I’m not doing anything wrong!” (I shoulda just called the cops on you man.)

A-s-s- hole.