Longest time without insight

What’s the longest time you have been without insight during an episode?

How long did the antipsychotics take to bring you back?

Mine is six weeks while on 10mg Olanzapine. Which is a lot of time to lose!

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I was probably psychotic for close to a year last time. I don’t know exactly how long the invega took to bring me out of it completely, but it had some initial effects very quickly. LIke not seeing signs anymore…I remember specifically noticing they disappeared very shortly after the shot. I was upset that I was not getting them anymore at the time.

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A year is a very long time…. Glad you came out of it after the shot.

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Ten months, recently. I’m still struggling with delusions and positives, for about a year now. I haven’t taken meds or seen a Dr.

I lost insight twice for 1 year to 18 months

It was hell.

The mental health provision in 2004 the first time it happened was very poor.

Even in 2013, I was allowed to walk around my university campus completely psychotic for months before I got help

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That’s dreadful…. At least you’ve come out of it to a degree without Medication.

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Terrible…. My first loss of insight was only a few weeks. I’m lucky to have come back so quickly.

Scary to be gone for so long. I’ve taken myself to hospital at the beginning of each episode luckily

The times I talk about the police picked me up off the street and took me to the hospital

All the other times have been since they have community mental health teams, and I get committed

They say it’s voluntary each time, but if I said no the law would compel me to go… Not a great position to find yourself in

My last episode the CMHT and CPN were telling my family I was okay and to give me time and space.

They believed me over them while I was completely delusional.

They are not much use at all other than giving medication.

like a month or a bit longer. i gained insight before i even started meds

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You have to kick their asses continuously to get anywhere with them

Not sure if they like me much for it

Unfortunately unless you’re dangerous, they don’t seem to react.

Now I get their attention pretty quickly, because I will go over peoples heads if they don’t do what they promise

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Last time I went off meds I had no insight… I had no insight for 2 and a half years! Now that I look back it all seems very scary to me

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That’s really good…. Don’t think I would have come out of mine without medication.

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Can’t see mine offering any help other than antipsychotics.

I need to ask them about PIP and any other benefits I might get.

Just been told I’ll only see the psychiatrist once a year now. Going to try and change that!

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