Insight after involuntary treatment?


Do most people who are psycotic get insight during the time of involuntary treatment?

My friend is in it now. Really my friend is more like a sibling to my, we are like family and grew up together.

I am from a European country and I study abroad. I have paid my tuition fee before he was taken in. I am really thinking about skipping this semester in order to be a support for him. I am so torn apart and don’t know what to do.

I wish he would just reach insight, come to his senses and fight and not think he is a victim :pray:

In my case I would call it resignation. It can be hard to admit to yourself that many of the things you thought were true were really false. Hopefully the med’s will bring him around.

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When I was hospitalized I had my delusions and no insight what so ever on what was happening, just a few months afterwards I started to realize I am ill…

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Were you on meds during these months?
How are you now, what are you doing? (If i may ask)

Yeah, they put me on xyprexa while I was in and I started eating again I was anorexic at the time. Then I got out and started on xeplion, stayed on meds till now. The delusions didn’t fade for a few months after and I cool now with hardly no symptoms just a litle fuzzy thoughts sometimes and a bit of paranoia here and there but nothing I can’t handle. Still on xeplion but no longer on zyprexa and my doc lowered my dose now I’m more myself again, it’s going well. Took me a year since I got hospitalized and diagnosed to get out of denial and assume I have schizophrenia.

My insight didn’t happen during my hospital stays… I was too angry and too in my own head.

It wasn’t until after I stabilized when I was out that I started getting some insight.

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I had no insight during my stay in hospital. I lied and said I did just to get out. In my case my hospital stay was solely to mitigate my severe suicidal ideation. When I got over that I was discharged - whilst still floridly delusional.

This is how it was in my case for in patient…I’d say that big hospitals are a plus, radios are a plus, groups are a plus, lack of computers are a plus, offering pills to non-compliant patients is a plus, colorful artwork is a plus, windows are a plus, clocks are a plus…

exercise is neutral, CBT is neutral, fish tanks are neutral

blood draws are a negative (I’m afraid of needles, and you can get the same info from a urine sample), workers wearing their name tags backwards is a negative (should be able to address a staff member).

This is how it was in my case for out patient…Friendly faces are a plus, slow pace is a plus, staff interest and engagement is a plus, close proximity to hospital is a plus, state ride program is a plus, 1 on 1 time with other patients is a plus, decorating the group room is a plus

Limited hours is a negative, time with smokers is a negative

I really can`t say my son if my son has any insight.
He has been on meds on and off since he was 19. He is now 38. He has had some bad experiences with some of the meds he has been put on.
Everyone reacts and heals differently. Some never get insight-some do well quickly