Longest it took you to read a book, due to avolition?

I can’t narrow this down myself to any exact time, but I didn’t hoard library books, until I developed schizophrenia.

Does anyone else have issues with this?

Also, I will add this question, here, what books can you recall not reading, at all, or not finishing, due to avolition?


I don’t think I’ve fully read any book since I became medicated.

It’s due to difficulties with keeping my attention on the book. And motivation due to mild depression.

I think it might improve in time if my depression lifts


I’m the same since I’ve been medicated I haven’t read an entire book in about 25 years.

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It’s really sad isn’t it. What an impact medication can have. I still strive to read books again one day.


You really haven’t finished anything?

You should try an easy book, like your favorite children’s book, at first, but try something.


I don’t think this is the medication.

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Oh you think it’s the sz specifically?

I think for me personally medication plays a role in it.

I’ve been off medication n my attention improved.

Then back on meds after a relapse and my attention worsened again.

I think it’s different depending on who.

It really does suck though.

Last book I read was a month ago, I read 150 pages then gave up. Its about molecular biology 1700 pages.

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Since sz I never finish books, maybe I should stick to small books but only science catches my interest and these are always 1000+ pages.

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I’ve finished a handful of books since onset but I’ve also started dozens I never finished. I read most of the dark tower series sick.

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Were you interested in the same books, pre-SZ?

Did you read a lot, before?

I haven’t read a whole book in probably 18 years.
Like a novel.

Ive read smaller information books.