Long winters

I have this winter fatigue now. Still longer than 1.5 months before spring comes. Days are getting longer which is good. I have not been able to ride my bicycle because it has been either too cold or it has snowed.

What do you think about winter?

I thought the winter was pretty mild, except last couple weeks.

I think it’s great to catch snowflakes on my tongue and make snow angels. I also like the cold days when I have the walking paths to myself.




winter has been nice here… just 1 week cold but the rest pretty good. Now it’s getting warmer again already.

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the end of march is good weather here in Ireland

I just had a telephone conversation about the winter with my mother. We discussed how many people do not like our winter as it was reported in some news. No wonder there are so many people who are depressed. Well, vitamin D (milk that has vitamin D) helps too. We concluded that the winter is a part of my life here in North and we need to find always good things about the winter weather too. Otherwise we become depressed and may have to go to the psych ward or the mental hospital. So I love our winter too.

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