I feel lonely in Lyon (the city where I am studying). There’s no way I can lose my fear of socialization at the moment and thus never approach anyone to speak with them.
On campus I am always alone and people are turned off by me since they might think I’m anti-social.

I cannot take it anymore. I only have my family and I fear losing them in the future and being alone.

What can I do?


I’m so sorry you’re going through this right now. It might sound lame, but it might be useful to call the local crisis line.

There is no need to be in crisis in order to call, they are happy to take calls from people who just need to talk something out. I found them helpful, when I could not turn to anyone else

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You have now spoken out about it. You have two more choices. You can either do something about it, like joining a club or do something social; or accept it. All else is madness.

This is based on a philosophy by Eckart Tolle.)

I know that combatting your fears of socialisation could be seriously difficult, but what interests you hobby wise? You can’t battle your fears by hiding away. Getting out there by joining a rambling club, art club etc. could be a start. At university there might even be social anxiety club. You won’t know until you search it out. Sports even., languages perhaps.

Good luck in your search! :slight_smile:


Thank you, I will try it, :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. The best is taking action. I’ll have to start working on my fears by going out and meeting new people. I will seek guidance from some therapist while pursuing a social hobby. Thank you!

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I tried changing meds and taking baby steps.

Still I only talk with convenience store clerks and Starbucks baristas, (within good reason.)

It helped though with my eye contact and smile and I’m now ready to test further waters like interviewing more often.

Actually I also credit my sister in law coming on the scene 5 years ago. If she married into the family I mustn’t be that bad and she was a good person to bounce off of my features I am hung up on, or was.


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