Lol @ the site stats

I just found the ‘about’ page on here and it says there are 1 thousand users… That’s a lot. Though it says users logged in this week was like 32… So only like 3.2% of the users log in on a week basis? Wow.

That’s new users in the past 7 days. There have been 91 users logged in today and it’s only 11:50am.

Ohhhh…ok. That makes sense.

I also noticed that there isn’t a copyright on that page or an acknowledgement of the software the site uses as you would expect; or is that posted elsewhere?

Check out the Terms of Service page, it gives a lot more info.

Thanks. Though it doesn’t list the software this site uses.

The TOS “If you’re actually reading this, here’s a treat.” That links to:
Is kinda funny though.

The software is Discourse.