How many members does this forum have?

Was just interested :slight_smile:

Just found it. There are 3849 members. You would think there would be more.

there are many more visitors than that… 3500 people in one place is quite the crowd though.

Site Statistics

 	All Time	Last 7 Days	Last 30 Days
Topics	34.8k	390	1.5k
Posts	455.4k	4.2k	17.6k
New Users	3.9k	37	167
Active Users	—	406	715
Likes	316.3k	3.7k	14.5k

Active users=715 over the last 30 days

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Its actualy 42…

3849 users seems down to what it used to be on the previous software(or maybe I’m wrong).

How do you get the site statistics?

Yes we had almost 50,000 people registered in the other software over a period of 6 or 7 years. Then we moved to the new software a little over a year ago and just started over again - and everyone had to re-register.

This is the number of registered users - typically in forums you see 3 to 10 times as many people visiting the site and reading, but not registered and posting.

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Press the 3 bars near the top right, and click ‘about’

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I think a lot of the parents didn’t transfer over. I seem to recall much more parent participation on the previous software.

I’ve really liked the new forum software since it was switched years back. I think it’s easier to weed out spam and trolls too. Plus it’s easier to use. I think an accessible community for people with schizophrenia was a really good idea. This forum has helped me a lot. I can recall and track my thoughts and writings and how I felt over periods of time on here. I think it’s probably good too that it’s currently social focused, not with journals or blogs but just socializing and talking about experiences. A lot of people have wanted to create diaries on here, but they are hard to follow or read on forums when I’ve tried. Maybe an external blog function could help like on the old website.

Hey yo… Thanks @szadmin for keeping this place afloat.

Really dude. You’re helping a lot of folk.

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Thats definitely true. We’re working on that. We’re going to be soon splitting off the parent/family forum into its own completely separate forum.

Is this because family/parents are put off from posting due to patients posting on the family section? Some patients give good feedback and it would be a shame to lose that.

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It has three more than it should.