2 million followers

I may have misunderstood Daze, but did she say this site has over 2 million followers? Is this correct? I’m confused and would like this cleared up.

Please don’t delete this thread, and just politely answer my question.


so they don’t post anything in here

I’m here honey

My man is away

Don’t question what you don’t know
Keep with your own mindset

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Most of them don’t write…!!!

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But I appreciate the confrontation

Guess who will be suspended for it

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I’d just like someone to give me a straight answer…then I’ll move on.

I’ll be put back but ok

Not easy for a schizophrenic

It’s mass media tapping in

They know this whole site thru me

Bots? Or a figure drawn out of the air?

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1400 followers then…

I have no idea what the “2 million followers” statement referred to. This site doesn’t have “followers” the way social media sites do.

Stats for the forum can be found at:

Of course, these stats are for users who have an account and who are logged onto the forum. These stats do not include browsing on the forum by users who do not have an account and are not logged on.