Lol I always try to be normal on this forum

Lol, I always try to be normal on this forum.

Because otherwise I feel really uneasy… :v:


Same. I started out rough when i first joined for a while. Then i balanced out. Theres a proper way to live in many different places

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I started off normal, then went all over the place,
Now am being normal again lol :joy:

Yea I don’t know if it’s a proper way but I get really afraid of being not normal on a public forum :joy:

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Well i think im just becoming more normal in general too. Hopefully lol

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I think you’re doing a great job at being normal :joy: :+1:

Keep on going it’s nice having you on this forum

Everyone brings something slightly different to this place


Awe. Thanks so much slothy. I appreciate it. I always see you making great strides in your analytical and self inquisitive nature.

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Thankyou Ablue
That’s also sweet of you.

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Me too.

Heres a goat


And a pear



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