Lol at North Korea

They thought that blasting their propaganda into South Korea through a loudspeaker was “retaliation”.


Funny: yes.
Dangerous: still yes.

Yeah there is still a lot of ridiculousness left in this world.

Sometimes silent sound is used.

It is auditory manipulation of the senses.

That is freaking hilarious, they said that they would use “tremendous muscle”.

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Cult as country. Country as cult.


still the US is able to nuke the living daylight out of them in seconds…

Progress is an illusion.

It’s always been this way and doesn’t change.

I like to laugh at the leaders and not so much the people subjected to all of that stuff.

You can make a child believe anything, anything.

Those people got so ■■■■■■ i just want to vomit and scream and ■■■■.

Little five year olds subjected to that ■■■■, cringe cringe cringe vomit.

I think that there is nothing funny with North Korea and how it treats its people. I am sure that mentally ill people in North Korea are treated quite badly under the dictator of their country. You do not need to remind me never to go to North Korea.

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