Does anyone know NK

A lady at charity shop was on about North Korea and that they are going to blow the earth up and we’d all go together
I don’t actually know what’s happening in North Korea

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They wish “grave eminent danger” on the USA if we implement sanctions on them for testing nukes. That’s what I heard on the news the other day. Sux if they hit one of our more western states…but I’m pretty sure thatd be like committing suicide if they did so

The only thing I know about NK is that the Korean War of the 50’s was said to be vicious - more so than WW2. Of course, that would also apply to SK as well.

North Korea could probably launch an ICBM against Japan or South Korea but no further. North Korea hasn’t demonstrated the ability to accurately aim an ICBM onto a target such as Guam. The US is quite safe from DPRK missiles.

New UN sanctions that just passed recently won’t work. Most likely North Korea will continue with missile and nuclear weapons testing.