North korea testing nukes

Bah…its a ten ton explosive…who keeps giving the spoiled brat these toys…

10-20 kilotonnes is what I read. That’s about the strength of the Hiroshima bomb (15 kilotonnes). They picked it up on seismographs.

I watched a really good documentary on nukes. Everyone wants them because once you have them you sign official treaties promising never to use them with countries that have them too. Most of the World just has to accept the US (or any country with an arsenal)won’t decide to use them because we say so. And o wait our leader could change every 4 years.

I have a gun too. Shoot at me , I’ll shoot back at you…

I’ve heard that they have come out with much more sophisticated nukes that they can do things to like setting the magnitude of the explosive yield until right before they use it. That’s a mixed blessing. Of course we want to use the smallest yield possible on a military target, but that technology also lowers the nuclear threshold. A president or prime minister might decide to use a bomb set to a small yield hoping to avoid civilian casualties, but then the other country might say we used our nukes so they are going to use theirs.

Exactly! That’s why the President or Prime Minister will use a conventional bomb or military force instead of a Nuclear Weapon. Mutually Assured Destruction, it’s a Conversation Starter!

Who’s giving this third word dictatorship the tech and materials required to even have these tests…he’s a spoiled brat of a leader…who’s his puppet master?

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The common opinion is that they get these things trading with china. Of course historically the reason why there is a north and south korea is that it was split between the US and Russia. I don’t know how much trade with russia they have though. I know that north korea is involved with increasing the nuclear weapon technology and missile technology of countries like Iran and I think syria. So many countries that want to vie to position of king of the hill.

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It was China that really helped North Korea in the Korean War as Russia just sent weapons. The Chinese actually fought and died for them.

I think in a few hundred years that China will own the a united Stated. Buying our land and companies. Hope I am not alive.

Who is supplying weapons to Syria?

I’ve thought the same like fools we borrowed to much. " The borrower will be slave to the lender"

When will they say, listen up America. Probably when it’s to late. Now supposedly free education. People just having kids whenever they feel like it and taking in more and more refugees. Guess they don’t think that 250million will triple in awhile.

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