It's too weird

To jump back and forth between realities…it’s something I complain about a lot honestly…and by two realities in this case I’m speaking of the difference between my dreams and waking life…

My dreams are often as vivid as real life…in dreams it feels natural to be there. When I am awake it feels like something is missing, that there’s something very wrong…

In my dreams I have insane powers…I’ve lived countless different lives…gone on a crazy number of adventures…experienced so many things that could never be replicated in the waking world. And I don’t think anyone I talk to understands the gravity of this. They just think “they’re just dreams so what”

No. Picture that you regularly move between two different houses. At one house, you go to school, work, it’s the same grind every day. At the other house, there is absolute freedom. You can do whatever you want and also magically gain godly powers when you go there. Awesome adventures always happen.

Which house would you want to spend more time at?

When you were at the daily grind house would you not spend every waking minute thinking about going back to that other house? Would you not feel resentful and even disgusted that you have to come to this boring house at all? But you have to keep coming there because your loved ones live around there and they’d miss you dearly if you spent all your time at that other house. And you have to live up to their expectations…

That’s what it’s like for me. There is no “it’s just a dream”. I literally go back and forth between two equal realities every day and I’m sorry for the language but the waking one is absolute ■■■■ compared to the other.


I know what you mean, I get to date famous women in my dreams.

I have tried time and time again to be mature about this. I’ve said “well I don’t have any choice that I have to be awake but I do have choice over how I feel about it and over what I think about it so I’m going to choose to be positive”

But that would take the maturity of a damn holy saint to try to not focus on how much this place sucks compared to when I’m asleep.

To be honest my experiences have lead me to believe that dreams actually take place on the nonphysical realm, and that all of us exist in both the physical and nonphysical. But most discount the nonphysical because it is so surreal and so much harder to understand and experience than the physical. There are other reasons too that are just difficult to go into.

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The other day I went with some officials to a war zone. I thought I was going to help out there but honestly I think they were using me as a body guard. We walked through rubble, and suddenly a bomb landed ahead of us. One of the officials was completely obliterated. Others were wounded. I rewound time to when the bomb was just dropped. I then told everyone to freeze and made the bomb explode in the air with my mind. Then we continued on, everyone totally unharmed. I healed scared and injured children just by lightly running my hands over them.

If I had been awake I would have made it to my therapy appointment. But why would I want to spend my time at a stupid therapy appointment over something like that.

Maybe your dreams are a way of coping with an unfulfilled or unsatisfied waking reality.
I like to escape into dream land as well.
Back when I used to get closed eye hallucinations when I was awake all the time (was mostly space like planets and exploring the universe.) I’d just tell my brain id like to go fly around and explore. It was strange but again a nice escape

Could be since I’m so gravely understimulated here. The only issue with that would be that they’ve done their job too well. I haven’t wanted to really be in the waking world for years now. I sleep every opportunity I get.

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I asked the aliens to give me nice dreams. I’ve hung out with Colby smulders, Allyson hannigan and Avril Lavigne in my dreams.

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This is what the pdocs fought so hard with me, to spend more time in this “real” world I hate.
Why is this necessary, as long as I know when to step foot into this real world when it counts, don’t ever make me try to forget the other world I created to escape this real world.
After 20+ years of trying…they gave up.

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I’m here because I love my family and partially because I just don’t have the guts to off myself. I’m here resentfully. This place is a prison to me. I’ll do my time but when I finally get out of here I’m going to fight tooth and nail anyone or anything that tries to drag me back.

On a positive note since I’m pretty much forced to be here no matter what I’m at least going to try to do something positive with my life, help people or make something creative. So there you go. A prison sentence with community service :unamused:

Well, I have had a similar problem and the advice I got was not to focus too much time on what isn’t real. I don’t have dreams but I have a delusion and it is my parallel reality.
I am gifted, I am connected to ‘collective consciousness’ and, therefore, have access to ALL skills and knowledge. I am in a brain study that I, myself, started and then had my colleagues make me forget using brain technology I invented so that I could be studied living a ‘normal’ life. I am being blocked from my gift via said technology. I speak virtually every language. I am a great teacher. I teach ALL things. I have abolished religion and started the world marching toward peace via individual accountability. I am the wealthiest person who has ever lived. Countries all over the globe send me priceless gifts. In addition to the ‘work’ (that I love) I also act, sing and dance (amazingly well). I own custom, exotic vehicles and homes that are marvels of architecture. I give Billions back to the world.
You get the point…
I DO have to focus on my ‘real’ life which is that I am on SSDI. I live with my Dad. I am starting my life over after hitting ROCK bottom (homeless and penniless). I am going to Community College. I drive a $3500 car. I only speak English etc. etc.
Girl…I know how hard it is to not dwell in the ‘dream’ but reality calls. I will also say that I have horrible paranoia that as part of the brain study I am in, I will be sacrificed. I apparently agreed to it before hand. It is TERRIFYING. NOT worth it. Meds, please!!

If you off yourself you can’t enter that other world you love so easily, think of it as time off for good behavior.

I don’t feel imprisoned when I’m awake, my voices help me write jokes anytime I get inspired, they even sent an audio hallucination of singing to go along with a guitar riff. they test me sometimes though, tell me terrifying things. sometimes they even trick me. they’ve made it very hard to do things. so I stopped doing things. the stuff I want to write I can’t, they give me writers block if I try. but the only thing they tell me to do is to take my medication.

That’s nice. Some of my voices strongly encourage me to stay in therapy and do meds. Certain ones of them were the ones who basically pushed me to do therapy in the first place and have been the ones who helped me and guided me when I wasn’t able to access mental health services.

Then there’s some of them that think this world is crap and trying to get me to think its this world that’s delusional and sick that I need to pull away from. It’s hard. So I guess we’ve both had positive and negative experiences.

I pray to aliens and I’m on a prayer hot streak, I think they control everyone to a degree, I’ve been told things even years before it happens, call it fate or destiny aka God’s plan. I’ve also seen karma catch up with people. I think that’s another thing they do. it’s pretty mind blowing. I feel like I’m living in an alternate reality.

Aliens were never my thing I was always on the religious/spiritual delusion team. Similar beliefs different skin I guess. I’ve experienced a lot of mind blowing stuff too. Then you end up learning your brain has a lot of ways into just tricking you into thinking it’s mind blowing. Bah.

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I see ufos, while awake and in my dreams. I keep praying for stuff and it keeps happening. once I saw a pterodactyl (I get visual hallucinations too). one thing I asked for was I wanted to be virtually abducted by sleep paralysis, 9 months later I feel, see, hear, touch, taste inside a UFO while trying to sleep. it’s like a dream but you can feel every sense whereas a dream is like watching a movie.

they fulfill fantasies via sleep paralysis too. it’s great.

Careful what you ask for. The brain is a powerful thing

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Powerful, scary, at times seemingly even sadistic! A wonder to behold, the brain.

Regrettably I’ve pleaded my psychosis to return sometimes just to get me out of this place. But the only one that heeds my call is depression…yikes.

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It sounds to me like you have more control in your dreams than you do in real life. That’s probably a positive signal. It might be because you feel like you don’t have enough control in your waking life. Maybe you could work on ways of increasing your control in real life it would help. My dreams have been unpleasant lately. I’ve been getting negative feelings in them. Sometimes I wake up, and I don’t want to go back to sleep because my dreams are creepy.

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