List a Pro about being SZ

For one, I think we have been through hell and that is commendable. There is a certain character exhibited out of going through such circumstances.

Okay maybe that’s two pro’s.

But everyone try to list a “Pro” of being SZ.

Positive Thread!


It has helped me meet kindred spirits who are totally non judgemental.


Good one! Keep em coming.

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I’ve learned more about cats and Bill Cosby since becoming ill and frequenting this site. :wink:

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I can make people intrigued/laugh at my sometimes awkwardness.

I can get away with just about anything and everyone says “she’s not well” lol

I wish it was that easy for me… lol

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Incredibly humbling seeing how far worse off some of the other patients were than I was at the Hospital.

It made me realize the whole world didn’t revolve around me…and I’m a better person today because of it.


T(Y)me To Try and Be Jus As Creative As Tha Artists That Inspire Me … ,

Within A Form Of Creativity That Needs Not To Apologize … ,

If Not Understood OR Mis-understood … ,

I Have Learned THAT , Is Not My Problem …


Lionel Aldridge. He played in the NFL for the Green Bay Packers and then became schizophrenic.

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gotta feel for those trauman show guys/gals though right?

I told my Pdoc that I felt I had “Truman Show Syndrome” in spades…

He dismissed it outright as quack science. Still think he was wrong.

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I have become more undefined and love that no one can predict me.


Well, @Daze

That was a predictably unpredictable post from you! :wink:

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This is more a pro of being Schizoaffective, but when I’m hypomanic the world seems just 10x better and life seems easier. I’m more productive and everything is easier to manage.

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Makes you see the light, gives you more confidence, finds out who’s side your on. Hell man I want to be psychotic now, just those damn delusions. Oh well I will be back there except the next time I relapse I am not going to stop relapsing. F@#! psychiatry :smiley:

I think it really helped me develop my sense of empathy and understanding. I was raised in a very (there’s no other way to say it other than) snobby household. We are well off for our area and that makes my immediate family (my extended family is great though) feel a sense of unearned superiority. I think that if I hadn’t gotten sza I might have turned out like that.

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that we are at the bottom of every chain with no way to go but up. we cherish or successes and learn from our mistakes. love the positivity of this thread!

Sorry but it’s an illness
Don’t see any positives

Letting go of almost all my hopes and dreams as a normal person has taught me that life isn’t really about success, education, money or social standing. I’m a more humble person now.