Like the new forum

I started going to back in 1995 before I was retired by the government.
It was very close back then and had a certain type of people that were schiz but still smart enough to be geeks because back then Internet access was hard to find and use.
I used to post volumes daily. But over the years I’m just used to it and finally found the med for me.


Welcome back. Please join in the conversations!

thought i would say hi, i love your avatar…really cute.
take care

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o thanks.
I picked that name years ago because I liked the Catwoman and my name is Kathleen.
But there were a lot of catwoman around online and I wanted to use an alias in
So I added sz at the end. This was back in 1995 or maybe 1996.
So what is your story?


Didn’t know this site was round back in 1995/96…they were quick off the mark getting this up that quick.

yeah i thought it started after about 2000 i remember the old boards before the last one because it was a kind of browny colour if i remember x i’ve been around since about 2006 i think, just as they changed the software

sorry i meant to say welcome back to the forum lol, and i was wondering what age you were x

no story i am dark sith…hahaha…joking
take care

Yeah, I like your avatar too

Brian Cheeko started this site to honor this brother and importantly registered the name
He used to visit the forums back when they were just text only and with a modem took a while to load.

You can bet how many companies would like that domain name now.