Do antipsychotics make ur eyes sensitive to light?

when i walk my dogs in the morning i can barely open them.

do you get allergies?

My eyes are naturally really sensitive to light so idk. After starting my increased dose of geodon my pupils started dilating a lot for no reason so that makes everything too bright too.

Today’s the first day I took the upped dose of geodon and didn’t feel “high” from it.

nope but i walk them after i wake up

Antipsychotics can make your eyes more sensitive to light.
Especially sunlight.

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I sometimes feel pain in my eyes when walking out into the sunlight from what seems like the Stygian darkness of my apartment. Not as bad as the time I spent the day at a country fair in the height of summer (with no hat and a bald head) having just been prescribed chlorpromazine depot. Man that stuff makes your skin photosensitive