Lifting weights and looking like a pasty gorilla

Who here lifts weights? I do


Nice results bro.

ok ok your a silverback. don’t rub it in ive got a buddah belly.

Just for the holidays

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I don’t lift.

I don’t even want to be this, muscles don’t seem right to me, i don’t want to be meat.

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i haven got looks and i’m not fit but what i do have is even better,

i have charm, wit, inner strength, a strong survival instinct, and my muscle is my brain lol as long as i use it properly, if my brain lifted weights it would probably do over 200 for 10 and still have more juice, gotta squeeze it like a lemon, get every last drop lol.

Me! But I am still learning how.

I actually work with/ mentally ill patients only…I am too so we get along great. I’m studying my NASM CPT to get more influence over my classes.

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I was considering taking a weightlifting class in the Spring. I don’t know if I take classes at all, because they don’t offer the French I need. I am debating whether or not to take a 3rd year level course to prepare me for the Fall. I don’t think it will transfer, so it’s unlikely that I’ll go. I’d like to prepare, have something to do, and get pumped up, but I don’t think it will happen.

I hope to do it someday. I have some small weights at home, but once I’m at my bigger school again I’ll have a serious gym.

I don’t lift or anything but I do go to the gym on a daily basis. I like to people watch as I workout…the guys are SO funny to watch…especially the ones that watch themselves flex in the mirror, oh god.

It’s almost cute seeing how the really beefy guys walk around with their heads held high like proud peacocks. And then there’s the bean pole guys who are trying to un-beanpole themselves. Ah I’m just really amused by the whole thing, sorry that’s probably weird.

I’m into less bulky guys myself, but I admire the time and dedication it takes to get built like that. You keep going strong, you pasty gorilla you hahahaha.

Keep it up…it looks like your doing great in fitness and academically. Fitness will help your psyche and your grades. You’ve been granted the opportunity to be a voice for the voiceless.

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lol Anna - I’m the same, some of the guys make me cringe. There’s the skinny ones trying to bulk up, the bulky ones trying to get bulkier…and the insanely bulky guys who no longer have necks…the women who don’t look like women any longer…and the ones whose breast implants look weird on their muscular chests…

Strange culture but one of discipline and a lot of hard work; took me ages to build up some measly upper arm muscles…may have achieved better results if I ate more eggs but blegh.