I am quitting lifting weights

I have gotten too big. I eat anything with protein in it and it’s usually shitty unhealthy saturated fat laden processed food. I also can only do ten pull ups and a 3 mile run takes me 29 minutes. I’m too big for most of my clothes. I am up to here with this ■■■■. I’m gonna go back to actual fitness and just do body weight exercises and run a whole lot more. This buffness is not healthy. Like loading on caffeine and carbs and then lifting insane amounts of weight is actually good for me? Wtf.

For my field, I can’t be this buff. It’s an indicator of psychological problems unless someone is doing it for a living, like personal trainers, sports science majors, ect. And that doesn’t apply to me in the least so no, it is not okay.

So back to military style fitness. 3-5 mile runs Monday through Friday, lots of push ups and pull ups, different types of them, lots of flutter kicks and leg raises, planks, pistol squats (one leg squat on a box), calve raises on a platform, blah blah no more 200g protein no more eat all of the ■■■■ in sight no more slow ass runs, no more looking like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. I actually am that big. It’s just gone too far. I look like an idiot, going into the field of psychology applying as a doctoral student, what the ■■■■, no.

I just saw my shrink, he basically agrees and told me to eat differently, maybe see a nutritionist to get back into actual health and not be built like a ducking gorilla.

I am sick of this ■■■■. I can’t even look at my reflection, it makes me say hateful crap to myself and then I can’t stop and it lasts for hours into the AM.

I don’t even like looking like this. I make the stereotype of us being dangerous very ■■■■■■■ salient. I mean I actually am. I research that ■■■■, it’s even one of the scales in my study.

Let me preface this by saying this is NOT meant to sound snarky (tone is hard to detect over the net), but I’d give, erm, something special of mine, to look like you do. I wish my problem was too much muscle. Holy dogshit that would be an awesome problem to have. At least you have some time to change your physique before your next academic step. One of my old shrinks happened to be into lifting weights and such. His physique screamed healthy. Tall, slender, and with good definition. If you end up like that, I think it could be of great benefit because you’d be filling the role of being a stable person and give them something to aspire to without having to say word one. I think you’re making a good decision on a couple levels.

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Eat apple every morning with granola bar, and then after awhile do cardio. You’ll love it.

Eat bagged popcorn and pretzels with mustard for lunch. at mid=day eat hard boiled eggs.

Drink tea, if you can, with lemon juice.

I bet you are not big, but you seem to be by your eval.

I walk a 3/4 lap, then sprint a 100, about 6 to 8 times. This what I did when I was in shape.

then I would take swim classes, pilates, and some step classes, and of course ride bike. Just do what you love.

I did 10 minute cardio of 6 different types of moves, from fake jump roping, to low squats, to dance moves. I did this during the day. I was really into it.

You are my hero, Mouse. I know you are great, so don’t sweat it, unless you really are, and then I say, Yippppee!

That’s way better than me.

I dunno. You’re thinking it through and checking with sounding boards . . .


Quitting weight lifting, this is a good thing.

You can now focus on creating a mix of psychology and krav maga. Psychological krav maga.

And then when there are plenty of students we shall move on to tournaments.

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200 mg protein is a huge amount of protein - well over twice the recommended daily allowance. I’ve heard that too much protein is hard on your kidneys. I’ve said this before, but maybe you should try jumping rope. It helps a lot with your rhythm and balance. It makes it hard for someone to take you off your feet. It helped me a lot in judo. It’s good aerobic exercise. I used to do 2,000 repetitions a day, and never miss. It takes a little while to work up to that level. When I first started jumping rope it hurt my lower legs. I got shin splints, but I was glad I pushed through that. It was worth it.

I started weight lifting last month, I do enjoy it but I noticed definition in my arms too soon. I stopped immediately. I’m gonna continue going on walks and I’m gonna start a new program in november. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in the way you look. Most guys wish they looked half as good as you. Just because you find that it might not work with your acadamic path, doesn’t mean it’s true. But you can totally turn this around to anyway you like. As long as you have your motivation and sanity. You do need to accept yourself and acknowledge your progress and achievements in my opinion. Look at how far you’ve come. If anything, you’re a total inspiration to me.

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Getting leaner and eating healthier, sounds like a smart idea @mortimermouse.

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Yea you don’t want to be a gargoyle. Plus you might get less roid rage. I ■■■■■■■ hate voices, so I can only take so much caffeine and workouts. I feel my psychosis kick in, when I get to the gym all caffed out. I have to force myself through the experience.

I’m also jealous of how much you do SO…blah blah. My AP makes my whole body feel like an old man.

Thanks, that really makes me feel better about myself

I really appreciate that…I’m having a rough time lately. I’m glad I inspire you.


Erm, 9 times out of 10 your field itself is an indicator of psychological problems. Which is probably better than social work where the certainty of being messed up is ZERO with people having to resort to betting on what type of dysfunction, or more likely, what combination.

d000d. You’re young, you’re healthy, enjoy it. If anyone has a problem tell them you moonlight as a movie extra.


This sounds like a good plan…

There is nothing wrong with balance.

It sounds like you have a good plan to move forward with… I know weight lifting will always be in your life… but adding other things… mixing it up… very cool…

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Good luck mouse. All I ever cared about when weightlifting was having a six pack and visible veins, I achieved that but when came time to bulk and put on mass I just let myself go and piled on pounds of fat. I still dream of having an athletic body and get envious of male models’ pictures.I will not give up, just the time isn’t right.

You could focus on lowering your body fat level instead of trying to build muscle, in any case, as long as you don’t binge, you won’t have to kiss your physique goodbye, just be careful and weigh yourself and make changes if you start to gain weight, or you will regret it sooner or later.

Hell, you might miss the gym experience some day and go back to it, it’s been about a year for me, I’m in no rush but I don’t feel comfortable in my body, hate it actually!

You’ll be okay, be proud of what you’ve achieved, and who cares if you’re built like a bull and are a psychologist, weightlifting is one of those sports where you get to keep your performance as reward for hard work, while looking in the mirror, it’s the only sport that does that with gymnastics (elite athletes not withstanding).

You can tell when someone lifts weights, but one thing I can guarantee, it’s not because you look imposing, that some folks won’t ■■■■ with you, even if they’re smaller, some blokes just don’t give a ■■■■ and will run their mouths anyway just to piss you off or start a fight, no matter how big you are (maybe not if you look like a Mr. Olympia).

Make it rain mousey, you got your priorities right, time to make some changes and focus on a different goal or activity maybe? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I ran 5Ks three or four nights a week =and= did moderate lifting all the way through the last run through grad school. I usually felt manic here and worn out there. (Let me think about this. :unamused: )

I quit trolling the bb.Com boards

Those guys can be kinda screwy ,there is some truth to that bodybuilder=meathead relation.

Good luck on changing your exercise method,just don’t stop exercising…make sure the intensity is same as you used to do.You can do it!