I just finished lifting weights

I just finished seeiing my behavioral therapist. Also I just finished lifting weights. I have a little more chores to do on my chore list.


Good job! I hope it continues to go well for you :slight_smile:

best of luck with the things you gotta do.

I can’t stand lifting weights, they’re always too heavy.



I use to love lifting weights in high school. I had my own weight lifting set here at home, and there was a weight lifting course in high school where we just worked out for an hour. I’m not huge or bulked up but I was in really good shape back then, lean and toned.

Then they put me on antipsychotics and I got fat and it ruined my body. I’ve finally lost most of that weight, my body is about 90% back to what it was, but I am also 20 years older now so I don’t expect it to be exactly like it was before.

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