Life, summed up in one sentence

Some days you wake up and go out in the world and you’re the pigeon, other days you wake up and go into the world and you’re the statue.


How very true!

Kate xxx

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Agreed. Thank you, this made my night.

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Does public urination counts as being a pigeon?

I think if you get caught it’s only a ticket in most states. You just pay a fine and then the matter is settled.

“Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you.”

It’s from the Big Lebowski.


Is that the one that stars Jeff Bridges? I think I saw that movie about 15 years ago.

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I live in brazil and i pee everywhere, feels good

Yes! You need to see it again. It is a cult classic.

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Well, “When in Brazil, do what the Brazilians do.”


Yeah, peeing outdoors feels good.

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Hut one hut two I need a Charleston chew. Get it. Got it. Doubt it. :slight_smile:

  • the master of disguise movie

Yeah… Yesterday i went to pee outside then there was a guy(stranger) and we started talking, time passes and we’re theorizing on the universe and meaning of life…true story

Hmmm…Peeing outside while socializing with strangers? Congratulations, I think you just stumbled upon the cure for schizophrenia.

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statue still stands tall regardless of how much ■■■■ gets thrown on it…

exseriences…to the max’s

Hahahahaha 1 5151615

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Obviously tis Truth e(Y)e Mean You Drink Soda’s Beers and (OR) Waters , , ,

We All Do … ,

With Exempt From thus (OR) that … ,

N e Hoo … ,

What Didja Learn From that Convo Yo Yo (???)

We were sober, i was just really bored and lonely so i asked him a cig and it started…lol

You’re Naught Under Arrest e(Y)e Can Assure You … ,

You Don’t Have to Answer that Simplistic Question … ,

Up to You … ,

You L(Y)Ke tha Band BLOC PARTY (???)