Life sucks poll

Does life sucks ?

  • Yes
  • No

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Of course it sucks man, i have schizophrenia


But if you did not had schizophrenia ?

Then life would be good. I had life up until i was 16 then it turned into a paranoia bomb, and the Pscychiatrist says its never going away.

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Look we are here on the planet cos we think life’s worth living
Life is a precious gift we may suffer but we have all had good times and we have hope so we keep going
It’s not all bad is it?


I dont have good times :frowning:

Well you could have good times in the future

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But if I dont ?

I get the feeling you are a teenager

No I don’t i am 29

So that is young

Life sucks yes but we owe it to ourselves to make the most of life and see it through because we don’t know what is after life and we all die at some point

This doesn’t make any sense. How being schizophrenic you can do your life good

People can recover from schizophrenia

Not all recovers

Ok yes life sucks
But right now I’ve just had a hot lavender bath I smell clean I’m warm and soon I go to bed with a hot water bottle
I’m well fed and I have a comfy enough home


life does not suck. it’s beautiful, a wonder!

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It depends how you look at it
I get pleasure now from simple things like food and walking in the fresh air
A cup tea in the morning
A hot bath
A nice film


Life never used to suck. But SZ is a demon in me sucking everything out of me.

I dont want to live, i just get by

I used to just get by
Now I actually enjoy things
Ups and downs