'Life-Long Care Team'

I spoke to the council (Local Authority) After seeing a post by @bobbilly

They ignored the Schizophrenia and Anxiety, as they say the GP and mental health services are supposed to support with that.

However, the Autism they will help with?

Seems strange to me it’s called ‘life-long care team’, but if it means I get help that’s great.

They will assign me a support worker if the referral goes through, so I have no idea what will happen


I told them my mother is close to retiring, and it should not be up to her to be my whole community outside of the forums online…

What I have problems with is engaging in meaningful activity in the things that makes life worth living,

Hopefully this can help, but you never know and less you ask or try


Well heres a shocker - had a missed call from the mental health team, and my depot cpn is seeing me for a few hours next tuesday.

Thats what 6 weeks of complaining does.

I aint firing all on cylindars lately chaps.

And i love them for it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sorry to hear that @Naarai - usually takes about 6 - 8 weeks of prompting to get anything done by Worthing ATS too

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Yeah i bit the bullet and reached out for help. Its not like they dont want me ring. Its sorta my last resort. Its been difficult.

I reckon im due a dose. Suits me bloody fine.

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When the referral goes through I would think they’ll do a community care assessment. They could offer you support hours so you’ll have some company during the week. I know quite a few people who get community support for ASD and that being there only condition too.

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Ok thanks @bobbilly sounds like that might be useful

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@Joker remember to tell them all you need help with and you need social interaction to keep you mentally well as you are lonely. You should be able to have your diagnosis of SZ/SZA included in your plan as without social interaction if does have an effect on you mental well being.

Will do. That’s what I said to them today

They told me it was up to mental health services to deal with the SZ and Anxiety, but I said their support in this area was lacking

Hoping with the right help I can build a better life

@Joker I’m sure everything will go okay.

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