Life is hard and weird

Isn’t it just weird that life is so hard, every day, most of the day? When I was a kid I could never have imagined how hard life could be. It’s just one thing after another. People make it hard. Not looking forward to the commute home on 101.


For me sz makes life a lot harder.


But I get you, life is still hard without sz.


I could’ve NVR imagined life being this hard. Just the other day I was watching kids play remembering what it was like to not have a care in the world. Now there are more cares than I can deal with. It’s good to know I’m not alone.


How are you doing @77nick77 ? You aren’t on here much. Your neighbors still a problem?

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My anxiety made my life hard. Having anxiety is just a pointless waste. It doesn’t do anything besides make you feel bad, for no reason at all.


I’m doing about average. Tough day at work. The neighbor is moving out in a month. How are you?

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I agree that life is hard, but life in the not too distant past was harder. Life without morphine and penicillin was bad. Going back a little farther, there were so many ■■■■■■ up jobs people were forced to endure. Huge numbers of miners died from black lung. Children often had their fingers torn off working around dangerous machinery. I recall reading about these young kids who would go out into the mud flats when the tide was low on the Thames River. They would collect any kind of valuable scrap they could find. If they got cut doing that it was a death sentence, because they dumped raw sewage into the Thames, and they did not have antibiotics like Penicillin. A lot of young boys were chimney sweeps. They sometimes got stuck cleaning out a chimney, and if they couldn’t get out they stayed there until they died. If they weren’t working fast enough to suit their employers they would build a fire beneath the kids to make them work faster. One in ten men working in the steel mills died in industrial accidents. Share croppers eked out a bare existence working on a farm that belonged to a wealthy landowner. If I had been born in the nineteenth century I probably would have been a passionate communist. Think of all the comforts and amenities we have today - modern transportation, air conditioning, central heating. I agree that life is still hard, but it is much better than it was in the past.

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Hi I’m new here…looking fr schizophrenia support dialogue
Friend/s understanding,etc…tryn to reach out n make connections

Thank you Dory~

@Dory hi !! how are you? how long have you been diagnosed sz?

my anxiety made my life unenjoyable for a long time. it has gotten better.

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Life for the Szs are hard already because it’s almost always a chronic illness. If you fight it you lose, if you don’t you still lose. Ok, sorry, didn’t mean to sound so negative. Actually I’ve got a lot better after I started to not rely on my feelings so much and more on the information.

what’s the alternative, to be an out of work actor? to be food for worms?

I think everyone needs to find their own “thing” how to win this illness. As example, I’m not letting my voices have power over me. If they say something bad, I judge that.

i would do just about anything they said. but when they told me to commit suicide i declined. it’s dangerous to follow commands!

Not me, as I’m the owner of my soul, body and life, I let no one to control it like this. They don’t care if I suffer so they don’t deserve power over me.

what do you do when they give good advice?

I only take advice from the outside world. And actually if they give good advice, it feels annoying as f*ck.

I’m alright for now. Got meds right for once. Hugs.

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