I give up!

Honestly, im so tired of life.

All i can think about is suicide ffs.

I really dont want to die though.

Im just struggling man.

I try so hard in life, and yet its all just in vain.


Remember this.

You’ve been here and you’ve got out of it before!!


Being an entrepreneur as a schizophrenic is like playing a game in impossible mode, when you’re gonna have a hard time in normal mode.

IMO you should find easy work. Entrepreneurialism is tough even for normies!

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@naturallycured Yea man im starting to agree with you. Im drained man.

@Jonnybegood Yea ill try remember that. Cheers


I feel the same

@anon39015889 @shellys12 you both need to find some hope in your life…anything…a good cooked meal every day…maybe a walk in a tulip garden…something…you have to find hope !!

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Hope is running away from me
I might ring my nurse tomorrow but I know the mental health team say I have to live with it

hope can seem elusive but if you look hard enough in little things you can build up hope…it’s hard I know.

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On my bad days my life looks like s*it and not only does it seem that I never win at life’s challenges but it seems like I’ve never won at anything. On my good days my life doesn’t seem that bad and of course I’ve won at some things. The trick is perspective.

On the bad days I need to remind myself that it could always be worse and that depression, frustration, hopelessness are not only temporary but are not a 100% accurate. At age 58 I suffer from real fatigue but I’m getting treated for it. I still mange to work and my life ain’t all roses and unicorns but I woke up today feeling pretty damn peaceful and calm. I petted the cat, poured myself a soda and I have a couple of goals today.

My sister is on vacation and I’m watering her plants and taking care of her cat while she’s gone and I have her whole house to myself. (and the prize for aimless rambling on a morning thread goes to: 77nick77) (I’d like to thank the academy and my parents). This whole mobile home park is so peaceful and quiet. I feel OK and the plan is to get something to eat from nearby Taco Bell, relax, do the watering, give the cat attention and go to my support group. My own home is often terrible due to psychotic, power mad, control freaks but it’s OK a lot of the time. I’m not a worldly guy but I’ve been around but I still naively wonder at my neighbors meanness and wonder why it has to be. These people are changing me and changing my life. And again, very naively, I wonder how they can possibly rationalize turning sticking up for themselves into using me for their own personal gain as a stepping stone to whatever their goals are in their heads.

But today is too good to be negative. Neighbors be damned. I’m going to enjoy the nice California weather and my day off.

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Didn’t you just change ssri’s? I would be worried that the new one isn’t effective.

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@anon39015889 I know you quit smoking cigarettes, but have you given nicotine a try?

It helps with suicidal thinking.

Not condoning the use of nicotine/cigarettes/vaping in any way.

There’s a big chance you’re getting suicidal ideation because of one of your meds. It’s something you need to report urgently to your doctors.

Didn’t you recently change from Prozac to Zoloft? Maybe your body is just adjusting to that. It will pass!

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Life is a struggle. For those with sz, doubly so.

I don’t have an answer for you, just want to say I’m in the same boat and you aren’t alone.

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