Life is Short

If everlasting life remains just hope.

I am doing fine since early this year. Flown to Melbourne twice this year and will travel again next month. Really appreciate those who tagged me.

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Great news. Sounds like you’re enjoying life a bit - which we all need to do sometimes.


SzAdmin, you are doing meaningful work for all of us. Please do take timeout for your good self.

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Idk I think life is too long personally…

Not too long now man,watch the news ww3 is imminent.

…if compared to flowers and birds. :sweat_smile:

I think that there will never be the WW3, modern political leaders are smart enough to prevent this happening.

When I lived in my auto in America I used to count days, I lived over 730 days in my automobile. If we live to 80 years old, this is just 29200 days.

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If there’s no ww3 will they call it the Cold War 2?

A very cool way to perceive life.

I read some of your earlier posts.

What spoiled you on living in usa?

Long story, there was a divorce, then I had already scheduled my trip to Europe, but after vising one Jewish temple in Miami Beach, the life took a different direction and so on, eventually I left USA and returned to Europe, and so on and so on.

I think there will not be the 2nd Cold War, the world has evolved, the EU is united.

Yep no leftovers for us man. …I think ww3 very HOT is imminent.

May I know what news stories are trending now?

I suppose I am an optimist, I believe that it is nobody’s best interest to have either hot WW3 or 2nd Cold war.

Well it’s in all of our “best” interest to depopulate the world and WW3 or some rehash of the “cold war” seems like a good way of doing it.

I may sound evil but ,I aint gonna lie to you.

No news storie, just commen sense.

Fear-mongering news is all over the place. You have to go to neutral websites to get information, or just subscribe on Twitter feeds or Google or Bing.

WW3 does not seem plausible in the least bit, especially not at this time.

As for the OP, I think life is actually way too long. I’m slowly coming back to life & re-learning how to enjoy myself, but these past 27 years have felt like a grueling eternity. It’d be nice to have bodies that don’t decay & die, but that’s all up for debate whether or not we survive death. It’d be nice to have that faith - that I can live forever.

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Grind it out man.

That’s what I’m doin’.

Almost cut my mustache today out of boredom. Decided not too, looks too dashing… :hatching_chick: