For the first time I believe life's too short

I’m 26…say I’m 1/3 through my life. I’ve gone through a pretty damn significant portion of my life. I used to think “life’s too long, bring on death already”…I guess it shows how happy I am that I feel life’s not long enough.
Feels like I just started and already 1/3 through. It’s uncanny. And life tends to go quicker later in life too…

Fortunately I believe in an afterlife/reincarnation…but even if everything goes black, then oh well. I won’t dwell on life being too short once I die. So that gives me comfort in my old age.

Btw the median age of individuals on earth is less than 30!!! Not too long til I’ll be the median age? Crazy!


Way too many deaths in 2016. Life is definitely too short.

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I’m 57, and I am starting to see the finish line in my life. I kind of had a scare. I asked the doctor to check me for prostate cancer. I had a lot of the symptoms of the disease, and I thought there was a pretty good chance I had it. I was thinking that there were still things I wanted to do. I didn’t feel like my work was finished in life, if you could call what I do work. The test didn’t turn out positive, though, but for a while I was confronting death on a personal level.

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I’m glad you escaped that @crimby. You must feel so relieved!

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It’s sad

My therapist said there were more opioid deaths in January 2016 than all of 2015. And there were a lot in 2015.

Idk if I believe that stat but the amount of drug related deaths are alarming

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The median age being 30 is not the same as the mean. It’s 30 because the population is growing. The older generations pumped out many kids so the median is skewed.

On the topic of life/death, I am 28 and feel its too long. My faith, cigarettes, and the fact that this will one day be over are what keeps me going. Unless medication comes out for the negative symptoms that literally render me bed-ridden, I will keep praying that I die.

My life just flew by after the age of 25…

You’ll be 50 years old ‘in the wink of a young girl’s eye’! Wife…kids…house…it’ll all come.