Life feels like a dream

For the past few days I feel like life is so silly. People are running around caring about things that just don’t matter. I don’t know if my brain is damaged from the schizophrenia or I am ascending to a new level of consciousness. I have attempted suicide twice because I was in so much pain that I couldn’t participate in the world physically or intellectually very well. (Back problems and cognitive deficiencies). I feel like I’m just existing right now and I’ve come to a place where I’m comfortable with that. Not suicidal any longer thank god. That is the worst feeling in the world. I’m also feeling incredibly light headed right now and having digestive and bowel problems. It feels like I’m dying. I’m really scared. I can barely look after myself. Don’t know what to do.


Hi @lioness
Do you live alone?
Do you have family or friends that you can rely on?

It is possible that you are experiencing derealization. I was going through it myself, just this morning. I felt like the whole world was just a dream. Do you have any coping strategies you usually rely on? For example, I baked some cookies, because doing a simple task with clear, easy-to-follow steps calms my brain down and reminds me of what is real.


Yeah I suffer with some Derealization.
Sometimes life feels unreal or Dream like.
It’s good to practice some Mindfulness during these times.

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I get this quite often when I’m really anxious.

Keep an open mind about this, we are all different, but it doesn’t lessen the importance. People do what matters to them, and they should without justifying it.

Take care of yourself the best you are able everyday, and consult the professionals if you feel it’s getting beyond your ability, that’s what the Dr’s are there for. Use them wisely, and improve the quality of your life.

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I’m feeling very strange today too, like today is a dream. I keep having to touch things around me to remind me it isn’t. But I feel very positive and happy today as well.

I think don’t try to figure it out and burn your brain out. Revel in the lack of pain and that you don’t want to die and remember this time so when you feel bad again you know it’s not always like that.

Are people with schizophrenia more likely to experience “derealisation”?
Is it a common symptom of schizophrenia?

It is a common symptom of schizophrenia. When I get it, it’s usually because I didn’t sleep well, or I’m under a lot of stress.

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@lioness please know it can get better…work with your psychiatrist about what you are going through and work on the “perfect med balance” for you…happiness and hope are waiting for you…you just have to ride this out and get better on meds.

I didn’t start getting it until I got ptsd. Happened whenever I was very stressed or thinking too much about the past or things that disturbed me. I think people with psychosis though are already more loosely connected to physical reality though so it seems right that it would be commonly experienced.

Google depersonalization. It is caused by extreme anxiety and depression. Thats probably what you are suffering from. Just understanding that anxiety and depression caused it helped me tremendously