Feeling unreal

I’m feeling unreal. Or more like I’m in a dream. I can’t tell if I’m awake or sleeping. If I’m dreaming or if this is real. Is this something I should be worried about? I have a pdoc appointment on monday. This has been since 2 weeks, I thought maybe it will go away, but it gets worse. :frowning:

Holy ■■■■! I was going to post the same exact thing! I woke up this morning, increased my Lamictal dose and for a while felt like nothing is real, like I was in a dream as well. I kept questioning to myself my existence - and reality
Its a scary strange feeling. I have felt this way before, There is a term for it, I cant remember what its called

Does it sound like derealization? I often feel unreal and an absent in the sense of time. I sometimes wonder what is real in my life, if all these are dreams and if I can wake up from it. It doesn’t suggest any danger to me. Does it really bother u? I just understand my perceptions to the world is different now.

I search the Internet. They suggest that it’s curable and that tell your doctor. Best wishes for you.

Its exactly what its called derealization, thanks goggles. I think the increase triggered this in me, but I’ve felt this way before. Not on a constant basis, but episodes of it

Thank you. It is derealization. How do I get rid of it? I remember having this same thing when I had psychosis. Everything was like a dream.

I had this too when I was deep in psychosis. I also began feeling this way during my Intro to Ethics course, where the teacher was talking about philosophy, and how we can’t for sure prove much of anything. Even in basic math, like 2+3=5, Descartes said that it could be a demon tricking us. His discussion sort of uprooted my sense of reality.

it is nothing to worry about i think everyone gets this even the non mentaly ill, i find these states of mind quite interesting as it gives a different dimension to the day, but i hope you are feeling okay about it now.
take care

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I know how you feel, I’ve been feeling the same for the past 2 years. You just get used to it and eventually it blanks out a tad. I was told by my GP that I should take meds for it but I told him I wouldn’t take them, when he insisted, I told him he can give me a prescription and I’ll go pick them up with my mum. But I won’t take them, because I’m so used to the blankness it would seem even more like a dream if I did feel real again.

This isn’t very reassuring but it’s all I can offer. I don’t know if it will ever end but I kinda enjoy just the voices and me. It seems more realistic than if I did want to talk to people. I just can’t force myself to open my mouth and make conversation anymore, I mean I’ll occasionally make a comment but those are of few.

Can someone just tell me I’m not alone in this situation or is it just me who enjoys the voices company, even if they are cruel.

A psychiatric nurse told me many people with sz enjoys talking to voices. They somehow self-elicit the voices. I have been through this. I won’t do this anymore. My voices are nice, but talking to voices is not doing me any goods.