Letting friends fall to the way side

Im tired of all my friends. They just get ■■■■■■ up and talk bs. Ive got three people that send me texts, they can stay, occasionally breaks the monotony. I need new friends, people who will actually care and do stuff. Maybe sober people. This is one of the things in my life I can change.


this will be a tough one mate, I’d say keep in contact with the friends you have. especially if they are good friends. If i look at who I am friends with theres really only a few people id consider “Real” friends. those are a dime a dozen. some grow out of the booze/party culture and some dont. but it is what it is


As long as you’ve got money you’ll always have drinking buddies.

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I think we all go through that… there comes a point where some friends just stagnate. If your moving forward… friends who aren’t moving forward too… get let go.

It’s a bit sad… or at least it was for me… it was better in the long run.

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Why should I go through the trouble of chasing people down to maintain a false sense of friendship. They are nice when I’m around them but they don’t really seem to care. I will still hang with them on occasion, but really I don’t mind just leaving them alone. This has been building over the last 6 months.

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Some people are like that, one of my friends I’ve been friends with for over 13 years he almost never calls me and my other buddy , we usually have to initiate it, and I’ve accepted that and it’s fine. That’s just how he is, he’s an only child so I think he’s used to more solitary.

One of my other friends we meet up when we can once every few months, and when we meet up whether 3 or 6 months down the road it’s like nothings changed still best pals, And some others are more aquantances

I’ve been like that with other friends too , life just gets busy sometimes.

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I’ve got nothing to really fill my time, leads me to thinking I’m leaning on them for the wrong reason. I think they are great people but the bond is just unsatisfying. I go over there for a couple hours a week and they barely say anything to me. I just fall silent or end up sitting in the other room. Which is exactly what I’m doing now at my brothers house. But it’s different here as I’ve kind of made it my second home. These people actually talk to me as well.

I’m feeling a lot better this year, soon it won’t be such a stretch to see myself interacting with new people. Good people are hard to find though, but I think I’m in the right town. I’ll have to get creative when the time comes but I’m hopeful something will work out.

As far as the specific friends I’m talking about. I’ve known them since highschool and know that regardless of the amount of time that passes they’ll still be friendly. I’m just tired of the particular way things are right now. It used to be different, things changed when I got sick, like I lost my credibility and their respect. Proved myself to be unstable, it’s not really fair to see it that way, but that’s how it makes me feel.

I had no idea I was predisposed to this illness. If I had seen it coming I would have done things different.

Anyways I know how they think and who they are and it’s just difficult to listen to them as they rattle on about music and cultural references. There perspective on current events as well as a bunch of other ■■■■.

They started playing Magic the gathering and that is some boring ■■■■ to watch.

Well now I’m just bitching. If they ever really want to see me I expect they’ll call.

They seemed more pleased with each other and too busy for me. Not a bad thing, just how it is.

Rather focus on other things rather than just make an appearance once a week for no reason.

That’s my reasoning anyways.

Sounds like maybe youre moving on. You dont have to " dump the baby out with the bathwater " so to speak, but start doing things you like to do-you`ll end up meeting people that like the same things.

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That’s some sound advice. Thank you.
I’m not against seeing these people every once in a while, but I have no interest in hanging out with on a weekly basis.

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