Lets talk finances?

I really worry about my financial future. I don’t have rich parents and i probably will never make tons of money.

Anyone else worry about this?


Yes, all the time. I save and I have help saving and I have a budget. My biggest worry is that I’ll slip in to a psychosis and loose my job and hence my insurance and then I won’t be able to keep getting better and I’ll start to get worse.

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That’s really good. Good for you!! that’s my biggest worry too i will have problems and that will me set me back. i’m not to the point of saving yet though. I have a little bit of debt i have to pay off still.

I worry about finances a lot. I barely make ends meet living on disability benefits. I’m usually not able to save anything for the future, due to my high psych bills every month.

So it worries me that something will happen to my health and I won’t be able to afford medical or dental care. Or that my dog will get sick and I won’t be able to afford vet care.

Living with a disability is like living on the edge. With no safety net. So it can be stressful.

All I can do is try to stay as healthy as possible.



I worry about it a lot too. Have you ever thought about getting a part time job Anthony?? I know it’s hard though to find something you like and at the same time fits your needs.

I worry about finance and I worry what my illness would turn me into. With the possibility of a relapse, any thing could happen. It makes planning meaningless. idk if there is something worst than a psychosis waiting ahead of me.

I do really miss working. But I’m not stable enough yet to go back to work. I’ve just gotten over my paranoia about leaving my apartment last month. It had been over a year since I was in a public place, like the grocery store. So I still have some recovering to do before I can function at a job. But it’s DEFINITELY a long term goal.

I really miss nursing and being able to help people. And I’ve always wanted to get my masters in nursing and become a psych nurse practitioner.

I will do it someday!



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I understand… I’ve also just started to get over paranoia but i don’t think i will ever work in the real world again. Others have become nurse practitioners too so it’s not a impossible dream!! That’s nice you were a nurse i never was able to do anything like that. :slight_smile:

I think a lot of times your finances really depend on the help you get from family, how much housing is in your state and insurance in your state as well makes a big difference.

I do think of that all the time and plan to get some more money and I fail ! I wonder why !! I can’t keep a job more than a year, I have to change my work place every year, and in that rate I wont get a retirement salary when I grow old, that worries me a lot.

Anyone else besides me get rejected for SSI? I have to work even though each day is a struggle.

I worry about my financial future as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to get onto section 8 housing as seeing as I’m only on disability.


with a positive attitude you cannot lose.


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I don’t worry really about finances…just wish I had more money sometimes. I am ruled incompetent, so I have no control over finances whatsoever. Once my bills are paid, I get a small check each month I can cash for whatever I choose to spend it on. Food and living expenses etc. are already set up. In ways, I’m lucky that my bills get paid regardless of what I do with money etc. sucks sometimes though that I’m a mile from the bank with my money, but I can never stop in and withdraw any. Any expenses outside my set budget, I have to go through a request process which then goes to my fiduciary who writes the checks.

Sucks you got rejected. I get SSDI. I don’t qualify for SSI since my wife works part time. Kinda shady my SSDI gets taxed if my wife makes money too, but I guess it’s better than nothing. I definitely can’t work on any kind of predictable scale. Pretty much everyone on my team believes even a part time job would result in a big set back or disaster. But I still keep the idea of a little work in the future in my back pocket.

They really give SZ people a big runaround on disability compared to people with physical disabilities which in many cases are less disabling.

i have a super fund, they are four piggy banks.
one is a cute funny sheep,
one is a funny looking cat,
one is a cute little dog,
and one is a funny bull dog.
i did have a thousand dollars in total ! but then i had an emergency ! oh well start saving again !
take care

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With me, financial worries were a false worry, hiding the fact that the real concern was my health and ability. By world standards, I am well off.

Thanks to my insurance I had no mental health covered when I went into the hospital and now have 17k in debt to them alone. So I’m screwed! No future for me

I’m broke, flat broke, all the time. It sucks but luckily I have few needs. I also have little desire for material things, as long as I have a computer.


As my cousin in 2002 stated well, none of us ever take any materials or money to our graves, I know people who are much less educated are much richer than I am, because I am poor, but so what !

I got a rase in me income 11 bucks the state toke away 11 in food stamps its like saying you get not a thing what’s up with that? Most of the. Time I push by cost is high then when I worked so I die poor that howsome think of it but not me they make us work the systom like baggers when we deserve better. Don’t base your life on basic cost but base it not on need ether. Make accomplishments happen! And be at peace with yourself ! Thanks