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I bring up this topic because when it comes to the worlds mishaps no one seems to have the answer. Well there are groups of narco people with connections to drug cartels from mexico down to south america, and there our some Islamist extremist here in our backyards.

Why do the bad like killing kids…for WHAT purpose would a group of individuals with arms rush a mall and kill children? I think THEY need psychiatrists psychiatric care. Excuse me but then on the opposite end we have well representatives of America. If you have an U,S. drivers license you have incredible value behind that.

It separates us the not all sane ones from them. The killers who will die for some psychotic ideology. Then we have domestic terrorist. I think ending drug prohibition is simply the wisest stop to all the mishaps. But neither law enforcement recognizes only a small population of them and congress. Look at marijuana state by state prohibition is uplifted crime goes down.

But as far as the struggle of narco ops like opium, heroin, I say have fun with that one if you choose to pursue its justice. My attitude is legalize it all. Because then the tension created by enforcing the esoteric trade, it is like they are caught in some foul game that does not need to happen. It is crazy because I am spreading this information on a schizo sight.

I mean why must war continue. Along the lines of narco. It doesn’t have to. But I see the way Americans want to keep their kids safe and their community safe, but we have domestic terror right within our borders. Ok I will play along with law enforcement mind set. What a waste of time it is for the system by busting some impoverished guy who doesn’t realize he is an American a citizen but for some silly stash he goes to jail. Only to be released again two years later doing the same thing. Something is wrong here. And everybody has their own power to actively discuss becuase the world is unhappy. As long as it is unhappy I feel a sense of grief.

Who is to say, like 9/11 happened did it not. The world hasn’t stopped the progress I am just looking for a mediator. Obama? Many law enforcement government disagree with his sit back and be friendly approach if someone can tell me his agenda. Anyway that is the world condition as I see from both our US government law enforcement shouldn’t have to be from our own citizens. But it needs to be shifted against the funding of the real terrorists not the impoverished. A simple uplifting of drugs like heroin, cocaine etc may possibly have an impact on brain researches as they wonder what effects these drugs have on the brain maybe they can develop better drugs for schizophrenia, and schizoaffective. At the current rate I do see a ray of light. Don’t dwell on the negatives guys but we must discuss the crap in order to flush it down the drain. Peace.

maybe some of them are annoyed because America is still in iraque and afganistan?
don’t confuse extremist with every days muslims please people to very different sorts of people.

Oh not at all i run into everyday muslims here just by going to walmart. Just like everyday christians, but u ever hear the rhetoric on the radio i swear some them pastors done lost their marbled because they seem overly immersed. On a certain criteria. Im like you cannot be too immersed in one thing or else you become psychotic. You lose your senses. I will listen for a bit and make sure they are deluding my thought into believing what they are saying. There is only one sense and that is your own. Its your liability to be healthy and reject nonsense. There are ways mind tactics rather implemented to differentiate your own belief seperate to theirs. Because organized religion like christ resurrected goes against science so what math proves it dna proves dont be a numbskull.

like easily led if you hear a good argument for something that could be a mind trick.
ive been thinking about religion and I think if Christians stopped bleating on about whats wrong and write and tried to think what would jesus do? the world would be a better place.

Heck with jesus and allah, the only thing I spiritually pay respect to is our sun. Without it we would not be here it is first in the chain of command forget social religion it means nada. Think about the stars out there and how alone we actually are. None of these political wars battles mean a damn to the individuals life. But a healthy awareness that are sun not jesus shines and has been shining for us for eons and the Egyptians worshiped the sun god rah. Today we worship worldy devilish things. When it is plainly easy to look up without burning your eyes and see the majesty that our sun is. People do not look up much. They dont know that what they see is illuminated by the sun or electricity. It only makes sense the sound minded scientists etc. that is the way i perceive others. They dont openly worship our sun but instead some foolish wordly character. Well this is how I personally find peace. Coz it is the purest direct outlook on life. Our sun our earth, our food and our water. Every other thought is vexation of the spirit. Everything will pass which is under the sun. Including the life you hold dear. Our future generations we leave behind and the values we instill in them. Is what matters for the human race. But it aint like we will be around to see it. However the universe is so eternally powerful and we truthfully know not much. Better than foolish religion for it does not mention our sun much in terms and recognition of it being so prominent in the sky, its bright to look at and we keep are gaze earth bound forgetting the marvelous rays of light it produces.

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Well, as a matter of fact, you can read it for instance at Matthew 5:44,45

“However, I say to you: Continue to love your enemies and to pray for those who persecute you, so that you may prove yourselves sons of your Father who is in the heavens, since he makes his sun rise on both the wicked and the good and makes it rain on both the righteous and the unrighteous.”


The terrorists act that way because they have been brainwashed for years. If you had been raised from early childhood spending every day getting their dogma drilled into your head, you would act the exact same way as them. Their minds have been so twisted and manipulated that they truly believe they are doing the right thing. It’s highly depressing what they’re doing to boys AND girls (training them to be “wives” aka sex slaves to the terrorists) over there. You should watch some documentaries on it or read books on it or something. There’s plenty of them out there.

I remember reading a book about a man who had originally been a child soldier in Sierra Leone. Their country was torn apart by civil war and he had basically had everything he loved destroyed by rebel groups, so when the army offered him a chance at age 12 to go kill them he accepted. They kept the kids drugged constantly, on a mix of cocaine and other stimulants, and the army was the only family they had, how they got food and clothes, etc. Between the drugs, conditioning and being filled with anger at the other group for killing their loved ones they basically turned into war machines. BUT he and some other kids we’re saved and after years of rehabilitation he came out of that state, overcame his drug addiction and now lives a normal life in the U.S. Just some more perspective on how these people do such horrible things. But they CAN be trained out of it, if we had rehabilitation centers for terrorists just like we do for child soldiers, instead of killing them and only angering the other side more, maybe things would be better. Maybe not, but at least we could help save some kids from lifelong mind control.

And the prison system is terrible don’t even get me started. They get money when people get locked up. What do they care if you’re back again the next week? Some prisons are trying to implement more programs of rehabilitation, offering education and whatnot, but what company wants to hire someone who’s done hard jail time for numerous offenses? So if you just got out of jail and wanted to turn your life around, but couldn’t find anyone to hire you and had nowhere to go and no money (because they pay you in pennies at jail) then basically you’re forced to return to crime to survive.

It’s all so sad to think about too much. There’s a reason for everything.