Nice to knnow I wasn't crazy

year before last in graduate school I did a study paper on whether or not drug dealers should be charged in overdose deaths of people. my classmates, most of whom were police officers, told me I was basically crazy as you can’t charge them for it. Well, last week I saw an article they are starting to do so in New Jersy and this week I saw they want to start doing so in Pa. yeah I know it has nothing to do with me, but nice to know I wan’t crazy at least about that!! My way of saying hi today I guess. desimb


I think that’s kinda like charging gun dealers when someone commits murder. Sure selling drugs is illegal, but it would set precedent. Anti-gun lawyers would flock to it. Some activist judge who wants to write, not interpenetrate the law would go for it, and then you would have a mess.
Sure you sold someone something, but it’s up to that person how they use it.

It’s debatable, but I"m just glad to see “normal” people saying the same thing I did and it at least isn’t crazy. Thanks.

I don’t think you’re crazy. I don’t think anyone on here is crazy. I think people with personality disorders (narcissists, ect.) are crazy. (If someone on here has a personality disorder and I am wrong about you, I would love to know. I don’t like being prejudiced if it isn’t warranted). It seems to me every delusion has a grain of truth. Surprised J’s kidnapper delusion had some truth. Tons of kids get kidnapped every day. As for those who hear aliens, I believe in aliens. Sure thinking that they are contacting me with a secret code is probably a delusion, but even many normie scientists believe they exist.
When a teacher asked the class one day (at my college) if we should stop having college sports, I was the only one who raised my hand. My reasoning? We are giving full rides to people just because they can throw a ball and not to people with 4.0s. I’ve heard the whole song and dance on tv about how college athletes go on to do other things, but unless they are extremely gifted I don’t see how. They have sports before 8 am and in the afternoon. I just don’t see how they have the time and energy to go for a science or a math degree. Where I am football players have a mandatory study hall. That just says to me that they are only there to play ball, not get an education if they have to be forced to study. The college is throwing away it’s money.
I was alone.
Do I think for one second I was wrong?
As for your idea:
Do I agree with you?
No. I think that would only put the reason for addiction on the dealer, not the person who started drugs by choice.
Do I think your idea isn’t well thought out and without merit?
Just because you are alone doesn’t make you wrong or crazy. It might mean you are the only one smart enough to see the truth.

The point is being missed. Drugs are illegal. If you can prove someone sold something illegal and died, someone should be charged.
Why protect the criminal? Make them go to school and earn their MD.
Then they can over prescribe all they want and are pretty much safe from prosecution.

Yeah but as I see it the jails are already over flowing with people who just had a small amount of drugs. I like or Portugal is treating it like a public health problem. They are treating addicts and keeping them safe until they come to themselves and decide to go to rehab.
The fewer small time drug dealers or addicts in prison the more room to keep violent criminals forever.

If the treated the drug addicts properly, the would be no need for drugs, and therefore no need for drug dealers.
Prison solves nothing for the addicted, except make money for it’s captors.