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Hey everybody out there. That thing with Ukraine looks pretty bad. I hope America never gets like that. I don’t know much but the way things are going, climate change etc … it’s always hanging by a thread. My worldview ain’t much. But I think we’ll make it. Just like Reagan said, ‘what if some extra terrestrial threat brings us together’. We all nations banding together as one. There’s a lot out there more than I’ll ever know. Good night

There has always been a crisis hanging around as long as humans have been around. The world is always ready to end.
If I wake up tomorrow and it’s still here, then it’s going to be a good day.


I have taken a position that because I can not influence any world affairs, I have no interest in these matters. I rather listen some good music than to watch anything that is going on in Ukraine or any other conflict zones of this world. I rather get positive and good news than negative; this keeps my mind positive which is good for me.

I do believe in extra terrestrial bengs too and one day we shall meet these beings. These may be less or more sophisticated than people on the Earth.

Even if we manage to get the war’s under control then we make up other crises. Sar’s outbreak that was supposed to hit America and kill 50% of the entire population. Y2K that was supposed to cause the very break down of society, and on and on and on.

We like crisis I guess.

I am upset about it too.


Wow those helicopters just keep coming? For what though they don’t appear to be Hind military choppers.

I had to read this for a sociology class. I didn’t finish it though.

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Russia is testing America…not good to do even with a liberal president that doesn’t believe in war…this may be inevitable…I tend to concentrate on the problems here in America: homelessness amongst most veterans, cruelty to animals (called the police on my neighbor today that left him in pelting hail storm today…don’t know if it helped, they checked it out, but did nothing…maybe they will report it to animal control, not sure)…we have real life problems here in America…I wish we would just take care of our own country and not have to help all the less fortunate countries…but America has always traditionally done that, so I don’t know what to think.

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Hey jukebox yeah why does Obama send our money to starving individuals? It will help for awhile but they’ll just be back to starving sooner or later. Your right problems in our own country, should be our first priority. I agree whole heartedly with your post.

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We’ve made ourselves the policemen of the world. Not an original thought but true.

i think we should just ignore the russians tbh they are like little kids buts its not up to us to teach them a lesson i think thats where god should come in.

i like keeping up with local stuff but not the main news because of its content, i mean i know we really should want to know whats going on in the world but they could at least try to put a more positive spin on itm i mean i think even the worst type of news could be produced with a positive message attached, idk just a thought.

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