LEGO for the brain

I am a 4-H leader for Lego Club. We’ve got closed to twenty kids ranging from 7 to 17. It gets a little chaotic at times but I think the Lego building is really good for cognition. It’s way good for the kids’ attention spans. They can work on a project for hours. I find myself thinking things through in new ways.

Is there anything creative that you do that you think is improving your cognition? If not, try Legos. Seriously, they rock for getting the neural pathways going.


It’s good you’re helping others and being helped too.
Lego was something I had but couldn’t do much with. I could never make things with it .

My parents also bought me Meccano
I could never get to grips with that either. In terms of constructional/spatial ability I was always at a ‘borderline’ level. Another thing I’ve never been able to do, jigsaws .


I’m terrible with Legos but the kids don’t care. I keep all of their thousands of Legos in their totes and get the tires and wheels separated so they can build cars without going through thousands of pieces and they are happy with that. For myself, I keep trying and even with my basic inability, I think the trying helps. Thanks for the encouragement and reading material!