Leggo my ego

I don’t need a ton of attention but sometimes I realize that I am acting invisible like I was in high school. And many times I don’t want to be invisible. I got to get used to the fact that I have an effect on other people. It sounds obvious but it’s a concept I have to learn even at this impossibly late stage in my life.

I want people to see me and I want people to care what I’m thinking. I want to say honestly what’s on my mind. I want people to see me and see my personality sometimes. I think of interesting stuff all the time. If someone happens to care how I’m feeling that’s just a bonus, it’s something I’m not used to but it’s nice.


I certainly hope you can get what you need from people. I think it can be hard for people like us.

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Lol at the title . Hope youre doing good, have you thought about meeting new people? Maybe you’re happier now and feel like youre ready for more interaction


Feeling invisible is a hard feeling to get over. I hope you’re able to find a healthy way to feel seen and heard.


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