Leaving your house, making friends, going out, do you ever have fun?

Curious to know if you guys ever go outside and socialize, get a cup of coffee or go out to bars. Do you guys drive? What do and don’t you do? For those who don’t go out can you watch TV or play Video Games?

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I am not Dx’ed Sz, but MDD (with hallucinations).

i am forever wresting the syptoms of depression. I force myself to do those things. Well, moat of those things. There are some days i can not force myself to be in public.

I have problems socializing would be an understatement. When i go out it is not to clubs, bars, or things required to have a high amount of interaction.

I do go out with my husband, but it’s very rare for me to go out alone. Sometimes we go to the movies or just grocery shopping. We don’t drink, so we don’t go to bars, and we don’t have any friends, so we don’t hang out with anyone else. When I’m not up to going out, I stay home, usually hiding out in my room. I may watch TV, but mostly, I sleep. Since I got a PS3 for my bedroom for Christmas, I can now play video games in my room, though, so maybe I’ll do more of that! On occasion, my husband and I rent a movie from Redbox, get a to-go order from a restaurant (I don’t like to eat out in public because my tremors are embarrassing), and have a date night in. It’s a good life overall.


I work, so I get out five nights a week for that. I visit my friend usually once a week, though we mostly just hang out at his house. A couple times a year we go to concerts. I have a sister who I see typically once a month. Even when I drank I never liked bars. I don’t date, haven’t had a date in more than a year and a half. I haven’t been looking to date, though, because I don’t think I’m in a good place for that.

I drive but I rarely go out. I enjoy my family at home.

I play my Xbox One I rarely ever hear my friends anymore and even if I did they would probably want to go to the bar

I drive, I have 1 friend I hang out with occasionally, I used to go out but lately I’ve been too paranoid. I’m hoping I can work on that more in the future. But at home I play a lot of video games. Like a LOT of video games.

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Play computer games but also play senior cricket. Cricket is a game of 22 players so you meet a lot of people with 10 other players on your side. I drive and do on average two half days a week at the cricket club. I have friends I’ve known since high school but it’s a busy world. I usually talk to at least one of them a week and often go out for coffee to have a meet up.

I know I’m unusual in that I’ve always been pretty social but I thing having to talk makes you think on your feet and more able to deal with people. Talking is a skill and it can be learned. Often it’s just about listening to what people are saying and responding in kind!

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I have friends I talk with every other day and those I just hang out with once in a while. I can drive and sometimes drive my friends around or occasionally go out on the weekends. I go out on my own every day that I am free. It takes me too much effort to do most “home” activities like cleaning and drawing and tv so I run out of the house every chance I get. I like being home only to shower and lie in bed and chat with my bf. I’ve been spending every day outside for so long, I barely remember what my days were like before the illness. You mean I could attend school daily and get good grades? You mean I sometimes chose to sit around with a movie playing or a book? One of these I will have to sit down and question the meaningless fun that is my life and wonder if I want something more.

What on earth is MDD? Oh, Major Depressive disorder. Duh!!!

The only time I go out is to go to my once weekly volunteer meeting across town. And the other time is to go across the way to the nursing home next door to visit a lady with Alzheimer’s disease. She is part of my volunteer job. Other than that, I’m home all of the time.

I go out only to meet other MI people.

About the only thing I do socially is support group once a week. I don’t like to drink.
Possibly I could drive but I couldn’t begin to even pay for the car itself, let alone insurance, gas, maintenence.

There’s not a lot to do here. The next town over, that is closer to being a city, has a coffee shop, I think. But I don’t see a point in it.
I can’t just talk to people I don’t know out of the blue.

I play video games sometimes, but more often. I read or do music production.

I don’t go out but to get coffee. I drive there since I live out of town. I occasionally get my shot so I go there. I haven’t been to a bar in years and I don’t have any friends really.

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I very rarely go to parties or meetups. If I’m socializing, I usually have a friend over and we watch TV/youtube and chat.

I have one friend who I sometimes go to lunch with across the street because he works close by. That’s like once every couple of months though.

I only leave the house to walk my dog, see the pdoc, pick up meds, or occasionally go get food at the drive-thru. I have no friends


I usually go for a cup of coffee in the morning, go for a walk in the afternoon, maybe play some video games in the evening and go to sleep early. I’m getting a puppy soon so I’m pretty stoked. The place I go to for walks is usually filled with others who walk their dogs.


you don’t like normies?

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No… They are too emotional, dramatic, lively and evil.

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I would love to go out bats and clubs but when I do it’s like a living hell
I get paranoia and voices
I do go out coffee and cinema
I go out for lunch
I just can’t often go out at night
I only go out Christmas dinner with two charity shops I work for